Madison Brown, a family-focused brand, launched its line of premium ice cream. Nineteen year old Jay Jay Brown is launching his first venture, Madison Brown Ice Cream, named after his sister. 

Jay Jay Brown has spent over two years fulfilling his dream of launching a family brand around his family’s shared passion of ice cream. Brown is responsible for leading the brand’s vision to redefine and establish a new culture of ice cream with the help of retail industry veteran, Jen Francis, who will be running the day to day and heading up the U.S. sales department. 

“Ice cream conjures feelings of summer sunshine, family laughs, and true happiness that can only be captured with the perfect sweet bite,” says Francis. “Madison Brown Ice Cream brings authentic family traditions around ice cream to life and we’re so excited to share our story with other families. No matter what the occasion, Madison Brown Ice Cream is proud to bring communities together helping them create new memories.” 

Growing up, Brown loved how just a scoop of ice cream could bring together all types of people in his family, young or old, to have important conversations over the sweet treat. He has always been entrepreneurial-spirited, as he grew up in a family full of business minded people, he wanted to be able to create something for his own. Brown realized the significance of ice cream within his family and the legacy he could create, thus the concept of Madison Brown was born.

“Inspired by my family, Madison Brown reminds me that a great scoop of ice cream brings people together,” says Brown. “As I start my own business venture, my family is there every step of the way within Madison Brown’s origin story. I’m so grateful for our incredible retail partners from H-E-B in Texas to BevMo in Arizona and California, and of course for believing in this vision. After two years of developing the world’s most fabulous ice cream, we’d be nowhere without their enthusiasm for our brand and tremendous support.” 

Madison Brown is launching with its six original ice cream flavors ranging from tried and true classics to decadent and innovative options alike, truly living up to its fabulous ice cream tagline. Flavors include: Vanilla, Chocolate, Cookies & Cream, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Mint Chocolate Chip, and Red Velvet.