Anue Water Technologies announced that Tencarva Municipal is the new and exclusive channel partner for the sales and installation of all of its products throughout Virginia and Arkansas. Tencarva has been successfully distributing Anue products for more than 10 years throughout the states of Tennessee, North and South Carolina, Ohio and Kentucky.

Anue manufacturers eco-friendly Oxygen/Ozone and other cost-effective equipment for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment, odor, corrosion and FOG (fats, oil, grease) control applied in municipal forcemains, lift stations, wet-wells and wastewater tanks. Anue products include FORSe Oxygen/Ozone injection systems with remote digital telemetry; the more compact Phantom Oxygen/Ozone injection system (also with remote digital telemetry); Enviroprep well-washers for FOG control; and the highly customizable Anue Geomembrane Covers with embedded carbon-filters for odor elimination from practically any sized or shaped wastewater tank or manhole cover.

“We are happy and proud to have Tencarva Municipal taking on more territory as our exclusive channel partner. They are tried, tested and proven wastewater treatment experts and have recently staffed up to introduce municipalities and industrial customers in Virginia and Arkansas to Anue’s eco-friendly systems that replace costly chemicals with labor-saving and eco-friendly Anue Oxygen/Ozone injection and other cleantech solutions to collection system issues of odor, corrosion and FOG (fats, oils, grease)," said Greg Bock, Anue Water vice president and general manager. "Anue has recently added several new channel partners, such as Environmental Improvements (EI2) for Texas and Oklahoma; Koester Associates for New York State and Northern New Jersey, Kershner Environmental for Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey; Russell Resources throughout the six New England States, J.H. Wright throughout the Gulf States, Florida Panhandle and Georgia; Northwestern Power Equipment for the Upper Midwestern States; and Faco Waterworks for Indiana. With the expansion of Tencarva Southern Sales into Virginia and Arkansas, Anue is able to demonstrate and install our clean and cost-saving equipment solutions to well over 90% of the municipalities in the USA and Canada.”

Added Tencarva vice president Bill Allen, “We look forward to introducing Virginia and Arkansas wastewater treatment customers to Anue’s eco-friendly equipment, which replaces costly and labor-intensive chemicals. More and more municipalities in this region want clean-tech solutions that minimize labor and inputs into the environment.”