How do Americans feel about milk? The glass is half full, according to fairlife, which commissioned a new survey.

Nearly three quarters of Americans still reach for classic dairy milk over other alternatives. It’s not just the nostalgia of childhood milk mustaches that have us craving traditional dairy milk: 40% of people say it pairs best with (some unexpected) summertime favorites. And 60% of Americans turn to milk as a “great refreshing drink” with one in 7 people willing to try dunking at least one of these three BBQ favorites in milk: bacon, BBQ ribs or hot dogs, the report concluded.

Other key findings of the survey include:

Milk is the Ultimate Nostalgic Memory that Is Just as Beloved Today: OG dairy milk isn’t going out of style – 77% of respondents prefer classic dairy milk over non-dairy alternatives such as barley milk, oat milk and others. A staple at the dinner table, in cereal bowls before grammar school, and creating the iconic frothy mustache, 72% say they have positive memories, emotions or nostalgia of drinking / consuming milk as a child. Men (78%) were more likely to rate memories positively compared to women (68%). 

Summertime’s Coolest Drink: 60% of people think milk is refreshing for hot days. Men are more likely (67%) than women to agree (54%). Westerners (67%) and Northerners (66%) were more likely to cool down with a glass of milk than Midwesterners (58%) or Southerners (57%). 40% of those surveyed enjoy milk at a summer BBQ – Nearly half (49%) of Westerners enjoy it over 33% of Southerners. Men were two more likely than women to consider dunking BBQ foods in milk. Other dunkable foods are on the sweeter side: donuts (51%), brownies (49%), and apple pie (26%). Some of Americans’ other unexpected milk pairing preferences are also perfect for summertime occasions: 20% spicy snacks and18% burgers 

● Midwesterners were the most likely to try a milk and burger combo (23%) compared to other regions. 

● Midwesterners were also two times as likely to try this pairing than the rest of the U.S., on average. And surprisingly nearly half of adults fancy using milk in their favorite cocktails (43%).