Halo Top, a brand of Le Mars, Iowa-based Wells Enterprises Inc., says it is expanding its line of fruity frozen desserts with new fruit sorbet pints — the brand’s first sorbet option in its frozen lineup. Made with real fruit and fruit juice, with less sugar and fewer calories than leading sorbet brands, Halo Top fruit sorbets come in three bright, juicy flavors, including Raspberry, Mango and Strawberry. The products will begin hitting retail shelves nationwide in May 2022; they will have a suggested retail price of $4.79 per pint.

Halo Top fruit sorbets are vegan-certified, gluten-free desserts. The Raspberry variety has 280 calories per pint and 58% less sugar than other leading fruit sorbets, Halo Top says, while the Mango variety has 310 calories per pint and 56% less sugar. The Strawberry variety, meanwhile, has 260 calories and 54% less sugar.

“At Halo Top, we’re always looking for ways to create new frozen treats that dessert-lovers will love,” says Pete Gargula, Halo Top brand manager. “We heard from our fans that they craved more frozen fruit offerings, but they didn’t want the high sugar content of the fruit sorbets on shelves today. Following the release of fruit pops last year, our fruit sorbets allow fans to treat themselves to a refreshing, delicious dessert they can feel good about eating.”