N!ck's, Los Angeles, says it released six new light ice cream pints that prove there is no need for sacrifices when it comes to healthy eating. The launch comes at a perfect time, as new survey data from the company reveal a growing shift away from "typical" resolutions, with respondents looking to make changes this year that are good for their health and make them happy.

"Jan. 1st comes around and people start passing on snacks, holding off on sweets and limiting themselves all in the name of self-improvement," says Carlos Altschul, N!ck's CEO. "But setting resolutions that restrict you from the things you love proves hard to follow. This is made clear by the nearly half of respondents who shared their top obstacle in completing resolutions was that they tried to give up something they enjoy."

N!ck's says its newest indulgent flavors will feature even more tasty inclusions with fewer net carbs, no added sugar and 260-420 calories per pint. Selections include Rocky Fjord, Campfire S'mörgs, Swedish Munchies, Raspbär Swirl, Hazelnöt Kram and Strawbär Cheesecake.

"Instead of giving up what you love this year, N!ck’s suggests making positive changes that don't come with a sacrifice, especially when it comes to eating healthy," says Altschul. "There are many options now for enjoying indulgent treats, without the sugar and calories."

Thanks to some sweet science from Sweden, consumers never have to compromise with N!ck's when it comes to the taste and texture of ice cream, and especially their lifestyle choices. The six newest flavors are a representation of N!CK's snacking innovations making the world a healthier place, supported by the brand's latest raise of $100 million in Series C funding, the company says.