Capstone anti-caking agents from Agropur are formulated to save you money on shredded cheese while creating greater efficiency in your operation. The company says its state-of-the-art ingredient technologies ensure product integrity and quality. Capstone functional ingredients offer oxygen-scavenging properties that extend shelf life, mitigating high cost and price variability. Capstone ingredients inhibit mold and prevent clumping; their higher density lends to efficient throughput with minimal dust. The ingredients don’t leave a powdery film on the cheese or the packaging. Use Capstone with shredded, cubed or high-moisture crumbled cheese. We customize our formulations to meet your precise application needs, including organic offerings.




Cargill’s proprietary research finds consumers consistently perceive sea salt as a healthier alternative to “regular” salt. The company says its unique sea salt products, made naturally by harvesting saltwater from the ocean, enable cheesemakers to leverage those positive perceptions. Cargill’s sea salt portfolio offers many options that are perfect for dairy products and includes additive-containing and additive-free choices. These sea salt products may help increase the health perception of products such as natural cheeses, cottage cheese, and butter and further differentiate them from their competition.

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Thistlezyme is a 100% thistle rennet extraction produced by Enzyme Development Corp. at its factory in Scranton, Pa. It is kosher (Kof-K) and halal (IFANCA) certified. The powder and liquid versions have standardized activities. With consistent enzyme activity from lot to lot, the guesswork regarding the potency of the enzyme is removed, so the cheesemaker can concentrate on the variables within the milk and not worry about the activity of the rennet. Thistlezyme is also non-GMO and meets the USDA organic requirements. It is a true vegetarian rennet that can produce cheeses with unique flavors and textures, Enzyme Development Corp. says.




ICL Food Specialties introduced its Joha SF line — the newest generation of the trusted Joha emulsifying salts that optimize protein content in processed cheese. ICL says its innovative emulsifying salts reduce the need for additional ingredients in traditional processed snacking cheeses. Joha SF offers increased firmness compared to standard emulsifying salts, resulting in competitive cheese products at optimal costs. It is ideal for spreadable, snackable, aluminum foil-packed, processed and analog cheese applications. Joha SF provides improved appearance, healthfulness, cost control, a cleaner label and improved processability. 

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Nelson-Jameson says it has an exclusive partnership with EDCO Food Products, a producer of pepper and pickle products that strives for quality throughout the entire growing process — starting with the seed selection. A variety of peppers are available for cheese or other food products. Nelson-Jameson offers red, green and blended jalapenos; orange habanero; and red and green jalapeno with habanero. Since 1974, Nelson-Jameson has been a one-stop-shop distributor with a commitment to supplying high-quality ingredients. With distribution centers strategically located throughout the United States, the company is able to provide freight savings on delivery of ingredients and food processing supplies.




Osage Food Products offers a variety of ingredients for natural and processed cheese. For processed cheese, it is able to provide dairy proteins and powders, plant proteins, and processing solids for your formulations. Osage also offers custom flavors through its brand Osage Flavors for a wide range of cheese types. The company says it can mix these ingredients using the state-of-the-art blending line at its sister company, OFP Ingredients, to provide a convenient one-bag mix for its customers’ manufacturing plants. For natural cheese, the company offers custom blends such as anti-caking products.