New Berlin, N.Y.-based Chobani LLC says it released four new Chobani Zero Sugar flavors that are the perfect balance of wholesome and indulgent. The flavors include Strawberry Cheesecake, Toasted Coconut Vanilla, Key Lime Pie and Milk & Cookies.

Just like all other Chobani Zero Sugar products, these dessert-inspired flavors have 60 calories and are lactose-free and an excellent source of protein. They contain six live and active cultures, including probiotics, and zero sugar, Chobani says.

Designed for calorie-conscious consumers seeking natural alternatives to sugar, Chobani Zero Sugar is the first nationally distributed product in the U.S. yogurt aisle that has zero total sugar. Chobani says it accomplished this by using natural fermentation methods, where live and active yogurt cultures and probiotics naturally eat the sugars found in milk. Allulose ¬– a natural, non-GMO sugar alternative ¬– helps make Chobani Zero Sugar products a full-flavor, zero-sugar snack.