ABM Equipment, Eagle PI’s distributor, says recent advancements have enabled Eagle machines to detect contaminants half the size of industry standard. Overhauled detection boards, generators and algorithms are currently allowing select models to find smaller contaminants, more accurately determine fill level and prevent more false rejects than ever before. Stainless steel, for example, is discoverable at 0.3 millimeter in some products — even outperforming metal detectors. ABM Equipment is helping apply the new technology to additional machines and integrate it with software that tracks machine validations and saves images to combat false liability claims.



Advanced Detection Systems (ADS) says its ProScan Max III metal detection systems are made in the United States and are ideal for ice cream, inclusions and other pipe-fed viscous dairy products. Using ADS’ free product testing service upfront leads to trouble-free start-up at your facility. Product testing allows ADS to build the metal detector for optimum performance and reliability in specific products and guarantee ferrous, nonferrous and stainless-steel detection levels. ADS has been identifying and meeting unique metal detection needs for over 30 years. As an engineering-driven company, it is able to design and manufacture to your exact specifications.



The Raptor is the newest addition of inspection solutions developed by Fortress Technology Inc. and Sparc Systems. It is designed to take on the most demanding of checkweighing applications in a variety of production environments. This next-evolution checkweigher features groundbreaking compliance control software to ensure the highest quality in inspection. Visit Fortress Technology at Pack Expo Las Vegas at booth C-5404 to learn more about the company’s products and see what is up and coming. Fortress Technology says it would love to connect with you and your team at the show.



CEIA offers the industry’s only multi-spectrum technology metal detector. In addition to having the highest sensitivity to all magnetic and nonmagnetic metals, including stainless steel, the CEIA THS/MS21 detector accurately differentiates between product effect and metal contaminants and offers high immunity to environmental interference without reducing sensitivity. For food manufacturers that require USDA Dairy construction, Heat and Control says it offers the CEIA THS/MS21 with optional USDA-approved construction. The CEIA THS/MS21 features AISI 3161-stainless-steel construction and is IP66- and IP69K-rated, as well as fully HACCP-compliant and ISO 9001 certified.



New FlashCell load cells for Mettler Toledo’s C-Series checkweighers weigh products at speeds of up to 800 parts per minute and reduce product giveaway through greater weighing precision. There are three different load cell types in the FlashCell portfolio so dairy manufacturers can select the appropriate load cell for their products. The offerings weigh a complete product range up to 10 kilograms reliably and precisely. Processors will also benefit from smaller checkweighing system footprints to fit within limited factory floor space, Mettler Toledo says.



Powder Process-Solutions says the Magnattack RE80 powder transfer magnet is a highly sanitary magnetic separator specifically designed for sensitive powder transfer lines, common in dairy and pharma plants. Inside the RE80’s vertically installed, aerodynamic housing are efficient Acutex probe magnets. A high ratio of product-to-magnet coverage increases foreign metal fragment control, contributing to risk reduction and improving product safety. Magnet probes are easy to clean. Magnattack is available with ultra-high energy RE80 or RE80HT magnetics.  



VeriPac FLEX Systems are versatile nondestructive package inspection systems designed for leak detection of dry-filled products in pouches and other flexible packaging formats. PTI says it offers package integrity testing solutions for offline laboratory testing and fully automated 100% inline testing. VeriPac FLEX and LPX systems feature a rapid test time, providing the operator with a definitive pass/fail result and quantitative test result data, with the capability to test various size pouches and multiple pouches in a single test cycle. VeriPac systems utilize the ASTM Test Method F2338, which is also a FDA Recognized Consensus Standard for Package Integrity Testing.  




Selectscan metal detection technology from Thermo Fisher Scientific provides dairy processors with an easy-to-use way to rapidly identify the single best frequency for an application. Available only in the Thermo Scientific Sentinel 1000 Selectscan Metal Detector, it tunes out product effect and adapts results to account for temperature changes and electromagnetic interference. The detector also provides documentation of results from each production run. According to the company, it is a completely new and holistic approach designed for challenging applications in the dairy industry. Learn more about the technology and see it at Pack Expo booth 2200 or visit