Highly sensitive Eriez Xtreme liquid line metal detector systems are designed for liquids, pastes, slurries and other viscous products. The systems can be mounted vertically or horizontally. Pipes are available in diameter sizes of 1.5 inches to 4 inches. When metal is detected in the product flow, a reject signal is channeled to one of the available output relays. The output relay can be used to activate a ball valve, to control a visual or audio alarm, or to send a signal to a programmable logic controller. Units feature a large, easy-to-use color display, dedicated reject and event log, and a verification program that rivals any industry competitor’s, Eriez says.





FlexPak Leak Detectors Inc. says it has supplied acrylic vacuum chambers around the world for more than 14 years. The chambers are used for package leak detection throughout the packaging industry. Its standard model FP392220 leak detector is the largest acrylic vacuum chamber in production worldwide. The interior dimensions of the FP392220 packaging leak detection tank yield a total of 17,160 cubic inches of testing space. Custom solutions for even larger acrylic vacuum chambers specific to a manufacturer’s products can be achieved.





Fortress Technology says its Interceptor metal detector improves stainless-steel detection capabilities up to 100%, reducing waste and costly false rejects in challenging applications. Optimized for inspecting more difficult “wet” products, the Interceptor simultaneously analyzes multiple frequencies over a broad spectrum to distinguish the signal generated by the product from any metal contaminants. Constructed from stainless steel or aluminum, Interceptor’s conveyor and reject system can be tailored to suit any application. Renowned for their superior accuracy and reliability, Interceptor metal detectors act as essential critical control points in Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point systems, effectively identifying and rejecting potential contamination.





Heat and Control says it offers CEIA metal detectors and Ishida DACS-GN checkweighers, which utilize proprietary technology, delivering unbeatable accuracy and speed. CEIA offers the only multi-spectrum technology metal detector, the THS/MS21. It available with optional USDA-certified construction, which makes it compliant with stringent hygiene/sanitation guidelines for the design/fabrication of dairy equipment. CEIA delivers the highest sensitivity to all magnetic and nonmagnetic metals, including stainless steel. The Ishida DACS-GN checkweigher features a variety of customizable system options, including weighing sensors, weighing capacity, conveyor size, remote control and durability specifications so companies may select the optimum product configuration for their production lines.





Mettler Toledo says its Profile Advantage metal detectors — available in both rectangular and piped varieties — deliver unmatched detection sensitivity on all types of liquid, bulk and packaged dairy products. Dairy products are notoriously challenging applications due to their saline and moisture content, making detection of metal difficult due to "product effect." Mettler Toledo’s proprietary 3S software algorithm overcomes this problem, and very small contaminants are detected with virtually no false rejects — significantly reducing operating costs and product waste. All Profile Advantage metal detectors incorporate advanced condition monitoring, which continually assesses the machines’ performance and gives advance warning of changes that can potentially cause system downtime.





Brand equity and standard of quality for manufacturers of dehydrated dairy products have global reach and implications. PTI says it has nondestructive package quality inspection technologies proven to reduce production waste and cost while improving quality assurance and protecting brand equity. PTI’s VeriPac FLEX series reliably detects leaks as small as 10 microns, identifying process issues before they become critical and avoiding catastrophic quality deviations. The patented FLEX-Chamber eliminates the need for changeover between package formats when testing different size pouches, making it a universal solution for flexible packaging. PTI also offers automated inline solutions and offline laboratory test systems. 





According to Sesotec Inc., while the field of metal detection has seen technological advancements, certain challenges persist, especially in the food industry. For example, some food products have a high degree of “product effect,” which can lead to a high rate of false rejections. To meet this challenge, the latest innovation from Sesotec is a metal detection system with artificial intelligence called "THiNK." In comparison to other systems, THiNK detects physical contaminants with greater precision and significantly reduces the frequency of false rejects. Food producers also will find it easier to comply with the strictest international food safety regulations.





Shimadzu Scientific Instruments says it introduced the LCMS-8060NX triple quadrupole liquid chromatograph mass spectrometer (LC-MS/MS). This new instrument features excellent sensitivity and acquisition speeds, increased robustness to minimize downtime, ease of use for greater workflow efficiency and analytical intelligence functions to maximize laboratory output. The LCMS-8060NX employs new ion guides, the UF-Qarray II and the UF-Lens II, to increase robustness while maintaining high ion transmission efficiency. Improved robustness means higher laboratory throughput as maintenance interval times increase. Further maximizing productivity, consumable parts such as the ESI spray needle and the inlet desolvation line can be changed quickly and easily without breaking vacuum.

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Teledyne TapTone says it introduced the T550 in 2014 as the next-generation platform for low-cost leak, fill level, pressure and vacuum inspection. Since its introduction, T550 sales have steadily increased, with the 500th unit rolling off the production line this year. The T550 product line is a value leader in its class for proximity, acoustic, X-ray, leak and pressure inspection. In addition to its user-friendly icon-driven menu, the T550 offers a value-packed feature set for fast product setup and changeovers. The TapTone T550 is a cost-effective and scalable solution for inspection of plastic, metal and glass containers.





The Thermo Scientific Sentinel 1000 Selectscan metal detector system features two technologies to help food manufacturers achieve a higher level of safety and quality. Selectscan enables the user to select the ideal frequency, from 50 to 1000 kilohertz, to maximize the probability of detecting ferrous, nonferrous and stainless-steel foreign objects. Autolearn rapidly guides the user through product setup to maximize operational efficiencies and detection performance to support plant production goals. Combined, these features raise the bar for safety, reducing the risk of costly contamination events, scrap, rework and recalls, Thermo Fisher Scientific says.





The HC-M-WD-MDi checkweigher from Wipotec-OCS is a mid-range checkweigher designed for applications where maximum hygienic environments must be maintained. Cheese and dairy processing and packaging lines are prime examples. These hygienic environments require frequent wash-downs of all equipment, so the HC-M-WD-MDi carries an environmental rating of IP69k. This rating means that the checkweigher is protected against dust and high-temperature/high-pressure water from entering into the machine or its components and causing problems during the wash-down and sanitizing processes common in food environments. Wipotec says the checkweigher can comfortably handle line speeds up to 250 pieces per minute.