X-ray system for small contaminants

Anritsu’s XR75 X-ray system detects contaminants as small as 0.4 millimeter in packaged and bulk foods. Optimized for low total cost of ownership, pioneering technology increases major component lifetime by 300%, the company said. The XR75 also provides these as standard features: missing product detection, shape detection, virtual weight, count and package check. 

847-419-9729; www.anritsu.com                                    


Vision sensors for increased productivity

Baumer’s VeriSens vision sensors can perform up to 32 feature checks at once. These checks include presence and completeness checks, object position inspection, imprint reading and evaluation as plain text (OCR/OCV) and more. A single-vision sensor can now do twice the number of feature checks in the same time, the company said. 

800-937-9336; www.baumer.com


Multi-aperture metal detector

Fortress Technology designed a multi-aperture, multi-lane metal detector range to assist dairy manufacturers in reducing factory footprint and ongoing operating costs. The unit can improve total cost of ownership by more than 65% longer term, the company said. Featuring a single metal detector mounted across multiple dairy packing and processing conveyor lines, the Fortress unit is uniquely divided into individual apertures. Consolidating this multi-aperture technology into one unit spanning multiple lanes cuts the equipment footprint by more than 50% and optimizes factory floor space, the company said.

416-754-2898; www.fortresstechnology.com


Vertical form, fill and seal metal detector  

Eriez introduced its improved Xtreme vertical form, fill and seal (VFS) metal detector. This compact unit requires no metal-free area above or below the sensing head, making it ideal for installation in the space-restricted area before the hopper and forming tube. The new design on the VFS metal detector eliminates the need for costly modifications and plastic hoppers, the company said. The system is available in 3-inch, 4-inch, 6-inch, 8-inch and 10-inch aperture sizes to meet a variety of application needs.

814-835-6000; www.eriez.com  


Easy-to-operate X-ray system

Eagle Product Inspection launched the EPX100 X-ray inspection system, which is suitable for a broad range of product applications across the dairy, beverage and other industries. From a food safety standpoint, the EPX100 utilizes Eagle’s advanced X-ray technology to detect and automatically reject potential contaminants. The system inspects products in cartons, plastic containers and pouches, as well as other formats. The system was created for ease of operation and low maintenance. It features adjustable power settings, which is an important consideration for companies that produce a variety of SKUs, the company said.

877-379-1670; www.eaglepi.com


Advanced X-ray detector series

Heat and Control’s Ishida IX advanced X-ray detector series detects small non-metallic contaminants and verifies weight, and also detects missing or defective product. Solutions are available for every application. The systems include an option to enhance sensitivity by utilizing patented genetic algorithm (GA) image processing. The GA technology offers flexible customization options for setting creation, and up to four different settings can be stored in the machine. The dust-tight stainless-steel body construction with IP65 fits into any environment, and the open framework provides easy access for sanitation and improves efficiency during product changeover.

800-227-5980; www.heatandcontrol.com


Intelligent detection of contaminants in food

Sesotec GmbH’s Raycon D+ X-ray product inspection system features Intelligent Power Management Software, providing new standards with detection accuracy, application flexibility and ease of operation, the company said. This system surpasses the specifications of internationally applicable standards such as International Featured Standard and British Retail Consortium by up to 400%, and features a rate of faulty detections of less than 0.01%.

224-208-1900; www.sesotec.us


Mosaic compact paneled vision system

Mettler Toledo’s CI-Vision introduced a new design for its Mosaic compact machine vision inspection system — the V24 Series Mosaic paneled system, including the V2410. This design features a smaller overall footprint, as well as improvements to the system design that make cleaning and maintenance easier. The V2410 system is able to perform high-speed label inspections on round unoriented products such as yogurt containers. This includes graphical identification and barcode reading, all of which identify mislabeling before a package can leave the facility.

800-447-4439; www.mt.com/pi


Compact X-ray system for small packaged goods

Designed with packaged convenience food, ready meals and small packaged goods in mind, the X5C is LOMA System’s smallest X-ray system available, with a machine length of 1,000 millimeters. It offers excellent critical-control-point protection in the smallest footprint possible, the company said. The system detects all types of metal, bone, glass and dense plastics and can be used for basic product integrity tests (e.g., missing items, object checking, fill level). It is especially good at inspecting products packaged in foil or heavy metallized film packaging.

800-872-5662; www.loma.com


Metal detector and checkweigher

Yamato integrated the Fortress metal detector with its checkweigher for a complete inspection system mounted on a single frame, saving valuable floor space. The checkweigher/metal detector detects all ferrous, nonferrous and stainless-steel metal contaminants. Defective product is eliminated using one of Yamato’s various reject configurations.

262-236-0000; www.yamatoamericas.com


Metal detectable and X-ray inspectable product parts

Rubber Fab’s patented line of Detectomer products are metal detectable and X-ray inspectable tri-clamp gaskets, screens, orifice plates, O-rings, quad rings, cord, rod and sheet that are available in a wide variety of sizes and elastomers.

866-442-2959; www.rubberfab.com


USDA dairy-accepted rotary magnet

Powder Process-Solutions’ USDA dairy-accepted rotary magnet is designed to remove ferrous and weakly charged magnetic particles from product flows that tend to bridge and clog stationary magnetic grates. Inlet design concentrates product flow over the highest-strength section of the magnets. The ledge-free interior means no areas for powder to accumulate. A precision machined-fit housing and endplate provide leak-free operation with no gasket to maintain.

877-933-2556; www.powder-solutions.com  


Multiscan metal detector

Thermo Fisher Scientific said its Sentinel Multiscan metal detector is a first-of-its-kind metal detection platform that rapidly scans up to five frequencies. The metal detector enables users to identify contaminants that are up to 50% smaller in volume than previous technologies, improving consumer safety and reducing the risk of costly rework and recalls. Multiscan technology was designed to overcome the metal detection challenge of the variable-product effect by running the equivalent of five metal detectors back to back, with frequencies that can be configured by the user if a particular range is beneficial for a given dairy product.

763-783-2500; www.thermofisher.com/productinspection