Marin French Cheese Co., Petaluma, Calif., says it introduced Golden Gate — the first in its new line of handcrafted premium cheeses. This washed-rind, triple crème cheese is named for the golden color of the cheese, as well as the Golden Gate Bridge, the iconic gateway to Marin County where the historic creamery is located. The unique cultures naturally present in California’s coastal air result in an artisan cheese with a true sense of place.

Golden Gate cheese, which has a suggested retail price $13.99-$14.99 for an 8-ounce package, undergoes four rounds of handwashing in its 14-day aging process to lock in moisture that encourages the growth of Brevibacterium linens cultures. Multiple rounds of handwashing in brine score the cheese to help develop the cultures and build an edible rind that preserves the cheese’s creamy texture and balances its earthy, rich flavor with just the right amount of salt. The striking orange rind occurs naturally without the use of added colorant. Throughout the process, Golden Gate cheese is stored at optimal humidity and temperature, Marin French Cheese Co. says.

According to Marin French Cheese Co. Creamery Manager Caroline Di Giusto, Golden Gate requires additional training with personal attention from the cheesemaking team.

“This dedication is what makes Golden Gate a truly artisanal cheese that’s interesting and enjoyable as it ages into a more pungent and gooier flavor profile for cheese aficionados, enthusiasts and explorers,” she adds.

Golden Gate cheese will be available starting in September at natural and specialty retailers, or online via Northbay Creameries, the online shop for Marin French Cheese Co. and its sister brands, Laura Chenel and St. Benoit Creamery. Locals can visit the Marin French Cheese Co. cheese shop at its historic home in Petaluma, Calif., the company says.