Dairy processing has long relied on the cleanliness, reliability, safety and low maintenance of pneumatics technologies. Intelligent devices such as the Emerson Aventics series AF2 flow sensor are digitally transforming dairy processes to help plants improve overall equipment effectiveness. Emerson says its Aventics AF2 flow sensor monitors air consumption, enabling rapid intervention in the event of leakage and preventing excessive cost and machine breakdown. Flexible and scalable, the AF2 continuously monitors air consumption in pneumatic systems and provides real-time, actionable insights related to flow, pressure and temperature. By responding to these insights, operators can detect and address compressed air leaks early and optimize compressed air use.



Axiflow Technologies Inc. says its team provides many years of experience in all areas of processing to give the best results for every customer. Axiflow pumps are manufactured in Kummerfeld, Germany, and assembled in the United States. A complete inventory of pumps, assemblies and spare parts is located at various Axiflow facilities throughout North America. Demo and trial pumps are available for testing at customer facilities. Whether your needs call for timing product through a high-pressure drop pasteurizer, stuffing a homogenizer with a high-viscosity liquid or simply transferring a shear-sensitive slurry or emulsion, give Axilfow a try.




Burkert USA Corp. says integrating process valves, sensors and controllers via Ethernet IP and IO-Link using add-on profiles and add-on instructions for Allen Bradley/Rockwell Automation programmable logic controllers allows for streamlined integration and simpler setup. The valve island Type 8652 AirLINE and the field device Type 8653 AirLINE Field provide easy commissioning and maintenance, as well as minimized process risk — regardless of whether in the control cabinet or directly in the process environment. Thanks to a wide range of communication options, they are also future-proof in times of Industry 4.0. In addition, integration into the Burkert platform EDIP is possible.  




Coperion says its WYK-CIP diverter valve in a 4-inch size is now certified according to the USDA guidelines of the sanitary design and fabrication of dairy processing equipment. USDA equipment acceptance certificates for additional sizes are expected shortly. The WYK diverter valve enables wet cleaning with true clean-in-place (CIP) design and disassembly. During bulk material conveying, the conical rotor seals the conveying pipes to each other. During CIP, the rotor is minimally pulled out of the housing and flushed by the cleaning fluid. Along with its compact design, the diverter valve offers an improved cast design with increased surface quality.




Central States Industrial says CIP 2.0 is designed for food, dairy and beverage plants. Its systems are designed to be scalable to meet dairy processor needs today and in the future. CIP 2.0 incorporates smart machine technology to enhance performance, flexibility and reporting. Based on Rockwell Automation control platform, CIP 2.0 controls cycles using process parameters. Features include a built-in predictive and preventative maintenance program, one to four tank configurations with single or dual supply and automated record-keeping designed to comply with regulatory standards CRF21 and S88.




The Dixon DX60 series hygienic tanker valve is ideal for safe and hygienic loading/unloading of various products from stainless-steel bulk transport trailers. The easy-locking plunger creates a safe operating environment by allowing the valve to be locked into the open position, protecting hands and equipment from rapid, unexpected closure. With the wiper lip seal, captured O-rings and drainable body design, the valve is 3-A Sanitary Standards certified for clean-in-place and clean-out-of-place efforts. Dixon says the valve makes hygienic loading/unloading clean, simple and safe.   




Diaphragm valves are known for providing linear flow control, as well as handling media that contains solids. GF Piping Systems new e-Diastar electric diaphragm valve with the dEA smart actuator is more than twice as fast at cycling than other solutions and can be controlled as open/closed, 4-20mA positioning, Profibus or Modbus. The uniquely designed high-flow diaphragm valve body does not have the restricted flow associated with most diaphragm valves, the company says. Durable all-plastic construction without metal screws prevents corrosion, ensuring minimal maintenance and short downtimes, even in use with extremely abrasive media. It is available in PVC, CPVC, polypropylene, ABS and PVDF.




Koss Industrial says it is an Alfa Laval authorized service provider. Koss Industrial’s certified pump and valve technicians can conduct inspections, repairs, maintenance, site inventory audits and testing on Alfa Laval’s complete line of sanitary pumps and valves. Koss Industrial is proud to be recognized for its four decades of knowledge and expertise in servicing and maintaining sanitary pumps and valves and will continue to provide innovative solutions to customers through its partnership with Alfa Laval. In addition to having the authorized service provider designation, Koss Industrial is an Alfa Laval Master Distributor and Pump SuperCenter.




Back in 1870, Lubriplate Lubricants Co.’s founders set out to make the highest-quality, best-performing lubricants available. Today, that tradition continues with its line of ultra-high-performance, 100% synthetic, NSF H1 registered food-grade lubricants. Manufactured under strict NSF/ ISO 21469 certified and ISO 9001 registered quality control standards, the lubricants are formulated to deliver a number of significant advantages, including extended lube and fluid change intervals, multiple application capability, lubricant inventory consolidation and improved performance. Clean, safe and nontoxic, Lubriplate’s lubricants can eliminate lubrication as a critical control point in HACCP programs.




Rieger Flow Products LLC says its after sales service team introduced the IC Rieger app. The app was developed to support companies in their daily business to get their valves organized more easily. Customers may register for free and enjoy all advantages, including service queries without queues, spare part orders via QR code, uncomplicated valve change, technical documents and videos, flexible contact and many more options.

The most important functions are explained in this short video:




Schenck Process’ global hygienic airlock (GHA) is a USDA-accepted dismountable airlock that is ideal for applications where dry raw or finished products are being handled in the process and where inspection or system cleanout is required. A unique feature of the GHA is a rail system that simplifies disassembly and provides access to the internal valve cavity, rotor pockets and all other product contact areas for quick and easy cleaning. Once the cleaning process is complete, the endplate/rotor assembly simply slides back into place through use of the rail system and is secured with supplied fasteners, the company says.




According to SPX Flow, the CU4plus uses the latest APV technology to control and monitor sanitary valves. The units provide increased process accuracy and safety, easy operation and reliable diagnostics for predictive maintenance. The CU4plus is available with 24VDC direct connect and AS-i bus communication protocols. Other advantages include contact-free valve stem measuring, teach-in function for easy feedback adjustment, ultra-bright LEDs for clear indication of valve position, power and solenoid activation, and manual override solenoids and adjustment screw to throttle actuator air flow. The units can be retrofitted and upgraded on existing valves, and there’s toolbox software for advanced control, monitoring and service.




Unibloc Pump’s innovative positive-displacement lobe and gear pumps are precision-engineered in all stainless steel and feature a compact design that delivers smooth, low-shear performance while maintaining product integrity. In all types of dairy processing, companies need pumps that can be easily reassembled after cleaning out of place to keep production downtime at a minimum. Unibloc says companies love how its solutions easily handle a range of viscosities and pressures to simplify dairy processing without sacrificing the quality of any dairy product.