Evanston, Ill.-based Kerrygold USA, part of Dublin-headquartered Ornua, introduced Kerrygold Irish butter with olive oil. The offering is uniquely made with the milk from Irish grass-fed cows and marries the distinct taste of Kerrygold butter with olive oil. The butter launched nationwide in February, Kerrygold said.

“We know consumers are increasingly looking for convenient ways to elevate their cooking experience, so this spreadable creation, with the subtle texture and flavor of added olive oil, was a natural extension to our portfolio,” said Alexandra Vinci, marketing executive at Kerrygold USA. “Not only will the product appeal to our existing customers who love our uniquely delicious taste, but it will also attract a new set of consumers who have long enjoyed the qualities of olive oil and are not yet familiar with our brand.”

Free from artificial flavors or preservatives, Kerrygold Irish butter with olive oil is made with milk rich in naturally occurring beta-carotene, which is present in the lush green Irish grass that Kerrygold cows enjoy year-round. This gives Kerrygold butter its robust, natural golden color and creamy texture, with no added growth hormones or antibiotics. With a simple list of ingredients, including only pasteurized cream, salt and olive oil, this new butter offering stays true to the Kerrygold tradition of producing all-natural dairy products from the milk from 14,000 small, family-run Irish dairy farms. Kerrygold said its farmers are members of local milk cooperatives, owned by the farmers themselves, and these co-ops help preserve family farming traditions that have been passed on for generations.