Alden’s Organic said it is now packaging its top-selling novelties into a single-serve format. Alden’s Organic single serve offers retailers an organic snack option for their shoppers. Available in 24-pack cases and as individual items, the new line was developed for conventional grocery stores, drug stores, convenience stores, foodservice and club stores.

According to the Eugene, Ore.-based company, the three new items include two dairy-based options and one dairy-free variety. Classic Fudge bar features organic cocoa and fresh organic cream. It is Gluten-Free Certified and contains 100 calories. The company is also offering its Old School Vanilla ice cream sandwich, which is creamy organic vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two chocolate wafers; it has 170 calories. Finally, Alden’s is producing the single-serve Dairy Free Vanilla Bean Round Sammie, which is organic vanilla bean frozen dessert scooped between two chocolate cookie wafers. It is certified vegan and contains 160 calories.

“We have steadily seen a growing demand for our snackable bars and sammies. The new single serve provides the right merchandising vehicle to offer these popular items in expanding channels such as convenience and drug,” said Joelle Simmons, senior vice president of sales and marketing.

Convenience stores are a new market for the Alden’s Organic brand and provide the opportunity to reach consumers in a new way. Alden’s Organic said it believes the single-serve offerings will help fill a gap for consumers looking for frozen organic snacking options on the go.

“We want Alden’s Organic to be the go-to frozen organic snack, and our single-serve novelties are an accessible option with something for everyone,” said Eric Eddings, president and CEO.