Wisconsin Cheese (Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin), Madison, Wis., said it is officially declaring cheese as the universal love language of 2021. “With a stinky 2020 that had us feeling bleu, there’s no cheddar way to celebrate a gouda Valentine’s Day than by sending a complimentary heart-shaped box of delicious Wisconsin Cheese!” the organization said.

From Jan. 13 through Jan. 31, consumers may nominate and surprise the cheese lovers in their lives to receive one of 500 limited-edition gift boxes from Wisconsin, The State of Cheese, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Full nomination rules and details are available at WisconsinCheese.com/ForTheLoveOfCheese.

Each limited-edition box features a selection of five specialty Wisconsin cheeses crafted by multi-generation cheesemakers, including Master Cheesemakers, and sponsored by the experts at Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin. To personalize the gift, nominators may add the lucky recipient’s name to a cheesy greeting — with a friendly light-hearted option for colleagues and neighbors, a sweet note for friends and family or a sexy fromage-filled poem for the most daring and romantic cheese lovers, Wisconsin Cheese said.

“It’s the season of love, and this year we’re thinking beyond traditional symbols of romance for a more inclusive holiday that everyone can enjoy,” said Suzanne Fanning, chief marketing officer for Wisconsin Cheese and senior vice president of Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin. “From now until Valentine’s Day, we’re taking the pressure for receiving a rose off the table and celebrating our love for all things cheese. In Wisconsin, cheese is our love language, and we know many of our fans across the country feel the same way, so this is a “grate” way to celebrate with cheese lovers nationwide.”

Wisconsin Cheese said the Wisconsin specialty cheeses featured in the heart-shaped gift box include:

  • Crave Brothers Chocolate mascarpone.
  • Cedar Grove Butterkäse.
  • Wood River Creamery Black Truffle cheddar Gruyere.
  • Roth Buttermilk blue.
  • Henning’s Maple Bourbon cheddar.

The custom heart-shaped cheese boxes are valued at over $100.