Cargill said it offers a line of purified sea salts that are ideal for cheese manufacturers positioning their products as more natural. Consumers perceive sea salt as the “better-for-you” salt and actively seek products that include it. Salt also is hugely important in cheese functionality. Too little salt and the cheese will have a flat flavor, too much acid and a short shelf life. Too much salt and the cheese will have a salty flavor, poor acid content and moisture issues. With a variety of product grades, packaging and additive (or additive-free) options, Cargill can help manufacturers select the best product for their needs. 




Chr. Hansen said ensuring cultures consistently deliver high value means staying on the cutting edge of phage analysis and management. The company’s PhageWatch platform is a service and digital tool designed to support effective phage management. The customized platform allows cheesemakers to track their phage-monitoring activities and get updates on outcomes quickly. Working together with customers, Chr. Hansen is able to offer added value such as fast and transparent advice on which actions to take to protect their cheese batches, and improved accuracy and efficacy of corrective actions with the goal of reducing overall risk of phage.

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DDW offers beta carotene, annatto and paprika in a wide range of concentrations, combinations and formats designed to simplify processes. The company provides manufacturers with convenient color solutions alone or in blends that deliver target process-compatible hues. Its solutions include emulsions, suspensions, liquids and powders, as well as oil-soluble, water-dispersible and acid-stable products. DDW said it has the convenient heat- and light-stable, one-part solution processors want.




With cooking terms such as toasted, cooked, sautéed and smoked becoming popular drivers for consumers today, dairy concentrate specialist First Choice Ingredients said it launched a new toasted cheese line, which includes toasted cheddar and toasted Parmesan concentrates. These natural cheese concentrates are now available in paste and powder form in a variety of concentration levels. The concentrates offer cost-effective alternative to single-strength commodity cheese ingredients and are the perfect solution for a variety of applications.




Milk Specialties Global offers a range of high-quality protein products that can boost cheese production output, yet still achieve the desired texture and taste, with only minor changes to the formulation. Its milk protein concentrates — ranging from 70-90% protein — and its micellar casein offer manufacturers a greater yield in cheese production, boosting it by as much as 15-30% in nonstandard of identity cheeses. Furthermore, lactose content in the whey byproduct can be reduced by incorporating Milk Specialties’ proteins into the production process. These proteins may also be used in processed and analog cheese, Milk Specialties said.




Garon Foods said it manufactures flavor-filled food ingredients, including combinations ranging from hot to sweet, peppery to fruity, and savory to succulent. It also produces ingredients that are custom-made for cheese manufacturers. Garon’s product lines include peppers, chiles, fruits, vegetables, spices, seasonings, specialty blends, smoked foods and flavorings, custom-mixed flavors, unique flavorings, oils, natural foods and more. Garon creates hard-to-find, one-of-a-kind products; it specializes in flavors and ingredients for the cheese industry.




According to Jungbunzlauer, emulsification salts provide an effective way to make a smooth and homogenous processed cheese. Some salts can modify pH, but as a group, they are mainly used for their calcium-binding ability. The choice of the emulsifier depends on the type of cheese being made. When the goal is a good meltability, trisodium citrate is a great emulsifier. Trisodium citrate has a weak bond to calcium, which leads to an emulsion that makes the cheese matrix melt easier. In addition, when younger raw materials are used, trisodium citrate supports the emulsification of high molecular casein, producing a solid and meltable cheese.




Nelson-Jameson is a supplier of cheese and dairy ingredients, from the most basic ingredients to exotic flavors and custom-blended spices used in any food manufacturing application. Its ingredients are supported by its technical sales team of seasoned cheese and dairy industry professionals. Nelson-Jameson said it takes processors’ safe, quality food seriously with  proper chain of custody procedures and on-time delivery from SQF- and AIB-certified distribution centers.