Nelson-Jameson says it now offers Bruker Optics dairy testing equipment. With a dairy portfolio that ranges from small-footprint dedicated analyzers to multiple-channel analyzers for a full range of samples, Bruker Optics’ testing equipment can rapidly analyze any type of dairy product of any consistency. The equipment improves the efficiency of laboratory operations by checking the identity and quality of raw materials; optimizes production by tightening targets and preventing out-of-spec product while reducing downtimes; increases product quality and consistency with tighter control; verifies final product specifications; and streamlines compliance with regulatory guidelines.

800-826-8302; Nelsonjameson.com



Sesotec Inc. says it offers inspection systems for all stages of the process. For incoming goods, it offers free-fall detectors such as the Rapid 5000 and detectors with a Magbox magnet. For liquid pipe flow, it has the metal detector Liquiscan or magnet system Liquimag. For outgoing goods after filling or packaging, it offers the Intuity metal detector. When metalized materials are incorporated into the packaging, a Raycon X-ray system is needed.

224-208-1900; www.sesotec.us



Page & Pedersen International Ltd. says it  offers analytical tools providing options that enable integration of rapid results and transparency, plus process control from the milking parlor to the research lab. The new LactiCheck milk composition analyzer Model LC-3X features three channels that can test raw milk, full-fat milk and low-fat/skim milk. Processors working with satellite specialty suppliers will find this integrates well with existing quality control procedures. Others will find it augments the central lab, offering resources in milk reception, research and development and other areas. 

508-435-5966; www.pagepedersen.com



Kikkoman’s LuciPac A3 sanitation system, distributed by Weber Scientific, detects ATP, ADP and AMP with only one swab. According to Weber Scientific, sanitation systems that detect only ATP are missing other potential contaminants. ATP can be unstable and decompose into ADP and AMP. This means conventional systems that test for ATP alone may fail to find the true presence of contamination and may produce false negatives. 

800-328-8378; www.weberscientific.com/a3



The LactoScope FTA system from PerkinElmer measures fat, lactose and protein content in liquid dairy. Whether in-line using the DA 7300, or in the lab with the DA 7250, PerkinElmer’s near-infared solutions provide intuitive, cost-effective tools for monitoring compositional content of a variety of ingredients. To monitor quality of finished product, PerkinElmer offers the RVA 4800, which measures product performance in varying conditions, and the NexION 2000 ICP-MS, for direct monitoring of metal content. Along with detection kits for pathogens, residues and toxins, PerkinElmer says it offers a comprehensive range of dairy-testing solutions.

800-762-4000; www.perkinelmer.com