One in six children in America lives with hunger, and many of these children rely on school meals for essential nutrition to fuel their performance in and out of school, according to Harrisburg, Pa.-based Hershey’s Ice Cream. No Kid Hungry, a campaign to end childhood hunger in America, helps ensure all children have access to three meals a day. Hershey’s Ice Cream said it wants to do its part to end childhood hunger as part of its 125th anniversary celebration.

In March, Hershey’s Ice Cream began its national partnership with No Kid Hungry. Since then, the company said it has committed to donating enough money to provide up to 600,000 meals to kids in need.

Starting Sept. 1, Hershey’s Ice Cream will be donating a portion of proceeds on its Smart Snack line of products directly to No Kid Hungry. For every 1,000 pieces of Smart Snack School items purchased, Hershey’s Ice Cream said it will donate $6 to No Kid Hungry, which equals up to 60 meals for kids in need. When kids have the fuel they need, they are more likely to succeed in school and beyond.

Hershey’s Ice Cream said it is proud to partner with No Kid Hungry to help make a difference for the youngest generation. It is the company’s mission to donate enough money to help provide up to 1.25 million meals, and it looks forward to helping foodservice professionals around the country provide fun and nutritious meals to their students.

“Over the last decade, through our Smart Snacks for Schools Program, our company has expanded service to thousands of K-12 schools and the children that attend,” stated Tom Holder, senior vice president of sales. “We have learned a great deal about the students and their needs.

“Studies show a student that starts the day hungry does not learn as well as one that has had a good breakfast,” he added. “Retention and participation are two of the key factors to an education that drop drastically for students in hunger. We are thrilled with our participation and partnership with No Kid Hungry because it helps to feed kids in need across the country, so they have a better opportunity to succeed.”

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