Doctor D’s, Louisville, Colo., said it added three new flavors to its lineup of sparkling probiotic beverages: Berry Lavender, Hibiscus Cooler and Lime Mint Mojito. The new offerings join Doctor D’s selection of nine flavors of water kefir, which support digestive health and well-being. 

Berry Lavender is a blend of organic blueberry and cranberry juices and naturally steeped lavender for a tart, floral and not-too-sweet flavor. Hibiscus Cooler is a combination of steeped hibiscus and mint; it is low in sugar and easy to drink, Doctor D’s said. Finally, Lime Mint Mojito balances the citrus of lime juice with cool mint from freshly steeped mint leaves.

Doctor D’s said its beverages are made with a wide spectrum of probiotics and are packed with electrolytes, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and beneficial enzymes. The offerings are low in calories and sugar, and contain only the highest quality organic juices and ingredients.

"Demand for vegan-friendly healthy drinks is higher than ever as consumers become more aware of the importance of gut health,” said Stuart Dimson, cofounder of Doctor D’s. “By pairing natural refreshing flavors with the benefits of probiotics, vitamins, minerals, etc., we are bringing our customers more choice in the functional drink category."