Lotus Bakeries, Lembeke, Belgium, expanded beyond baked goods with its first line of superpremium ice cream. The family-owned company said it developed Lotus Biscoff ice cream by marrying dairy cream with its crunchy Biscoff cookies and its original cookie butter.

According to Lotus Bakeries, the ice cream comes in both pint and bar formats. The pints will be available in five flavors, all with crunchy Biscoff cookies and cookie butter inclusions. The flavors are Original, Chocolate Brownie, Salted Caramel, Belgian Chocolate Chip and Blueberry Cheesecake. The Lotus Biscoff ice cream bar will initially come in one flavor: Original Cookie Butter, which is ice cream dipped in a layer of delicious cookie butter and then in a layer of Belgian chocolate.

Lotus Bakeries said it prides itself on the quality of its products, which is why all SKUs have no added colors and use carefully selected non-GMO, RBST-free ingredients.

“Biscoff is exploding in the U.S., and we can’t be more excited to bring the beloved Biscoff taste to ice cream,” said Michelle Singer, general manager, Lotus Bakeries U.S.

Lotus Biscoff’s line of superpremium ice cream is scheduled to launch in U.S. stores in pints in July 2019 and in bars in October 2019. The prodcuts will be available at participating Safeway/Albertsons chains in Northern California, Oregon, Idaho and Arizona, with many more chains coming later.