3-A Sanitary Standards Inc., McLean, Va., said it registered a new trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for qualified items in the voluntary Replacement Parts and System Component Qualification Certificate (RPSCQC) program.

Participation in the RPSCQC program is open to manufacturers of replacement parts or system components. According to 3-A, RPSCQC is beneficial to certificate holders and customers because it affirms that such parts or system components are compatible with the design criteria found in the relevant 3-A Sanitary Standard(s). The RPSCQC is often used in sales or marketing information.

3-A said replacement parts include any items intended for use in equipment built in accordance to a 3-A Sanitary Standard or a processing system covered by one of the eligible 3-A Accepted Practices. A replacement part cannot be covered by its own 3-A Sanitary Standard to be eligible for participation in the program. System components are any components that can be supplied that conform to a 3-A Accepted Practice after the components are installed in a processing system.

Use of the new mark is subject to the general licensing provisions of 3-A SSI, including the third party verification (TPV) inspection of sample items by an accredited independent inspection authority. 3-A said the applicant is responsible for obtaining TPV inspection, which includes a site visit to the place of final manufacture or assembly. The applicant must submit a TPV report of conformance for certificate items and the certificate application to obtain approval to display the mark. 

According to 3-A, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that hold a 3-A Symbol authorization or complete systems manufacturing/installation firms need not participate in this program. OEMs that have been granted a 3-A Symbol authorization are considered to have met the requirements of this program for all associated replacement parts.