Alfa Laval Inc. said it is dedicated to supporting processors’ growth in the developing circular economy. An example is its LowResistvMBR membrane modules, which provide an efficient and effective industrial wastewater service that can be a central part of a water reuse system at a processor’s site. Alfa Laval’s combined focus on providing the best solutions and customer service has led it to establish a stock of spiral membranes in the United States during 2019, which will reduce delivery times.

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For more than 30 years, Eurodia Industrie and its U.S. subsidiary Ameridia Innovative Solutions Inc. have been successfully developing and installing process lines for the production and purification of various dairy ingredients, the companies said. This includes lines for heat-stable WPC80 and high-quality proteins, while minimizing the generation of effluents. Their specialty is demineralized whey products of all grades to meet the most demanding specifications of end users. These include D90 (90% demineralized) whey for the production of instant formula, for which Eurodia customers represent almost 70% of the world market, and also D70 and D50 products. These process lines combine ion-exchange resins, nanofiltration and electrodialysis.

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Pall Corp. introduced the Microflow XL-Brine Crossflow filtration system. The Microflow Crossflow system is specifically designed to meet the needs and requirements of brine purification in modern cheese plants. Clarification is achieved without the need for filter aids or centrifuge. The fully automated Microflow system provides an environmentally friendly solution for longer brine life and reliable microbial stabilization, which reduces the risk of cheese contamination from spoilage or microorganisms during the brine-salting process. When coupled with its user-friendly software with cycle programming and a compact footprint, the Microflow XL-Brine series is the smart solution for reliable cheese brine regeneration, Pall said.

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Evoqua Water Technologies LLC said its latest innovation in biological wastewater treatment is the state-of-the-art AnMBR system, which combines anaerobic digestion with physical separation, resulting in maximum organic load removal and biogas production. This offering produces superior effluent quality water. The AnMBR solution is ideally suited for treating wastewater streams or slurries with very high concentrations of organics, solids and fat, oil and grease. The membrane barriers ensure complete solids retention, efficient system operation and process stability at all times — even under peak hydraulic and organic loading conditions.

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