Symrise Flavors, Holzminden, Germany, announced the company’s investment in — and the creation of — a strategic partnership with Califormulations LLC, a unique platform designed to deliver end-to-end beverage innovation to consumer packaged goods companies and their brands. Califormulations LLC combines the expertise of Symrise with the offerings of The Green Organic Dutchman Holdings LTD (TGOD), Symrise said.

“Major packaged goods companies put their focus on agile innovation to help fuel growth around their core brands,” said Paul Graham, president, Symrise Flavors North America. “Agile venturing and creative innovation sprints will replace the traditional and often time-consuming ‘Stage Gate’ innovation funnel.”

According to Symrise, Califormulations fully embraces this approach. The new platform combines beverage expertise and innovation capabilities with the ability to quickly develop shelf-ready, scalable products.

Customers will have access to the partnership’s expertise located at three locations: the newly formed Califormulations LLC location in Columbus, Ga. — with 100,000 square feet for beverage development, multi-purpose production, pilot-scale flexible bottling and shelf-ready scalable packaging; Symrise’s regional headquarters in Teterboro, N.J., which offers global expertise in flavor solutions; and the specialized Symrise beverage center in Laguna Beach, Calif.

Symrise said that Califormulations, in cooperation with Symrise, will use the three locations to deliver a rapid innovation approach composed of four integrated parts: insights and design, prototyping and evaluation, development and production, and the activation ecosystem.

Symrise said its team brings a reputation in beverage innovation and incubation, a comprehensive portfolio of consumer insights and a strong footprint in beverage and consumer packaged goods accounts. TGOD adds a new element to the business through its expertise in producing premium organic cannabinoids. Using sustainable growing practices, TGOD offers organic CBD and other organic cannabinoids where allowed by local laws and regulations. The end result is a unique, agile, end-to-end approach to innovation with full project management across every step.