A La Mode Shoppe, a New-York based ice cream company, announced its transition to all-natural ingredients along with the introduction of new packaging for it’s A La Mode brand. Effective immediately, all of its containers will have an "all-natural" and "color-changing spoons" label located on the front of the new eco-friendly packaging. The products will be launched online and in retail stores across the country.

A La Mode said it revamped six of its well-known flavors with all-natural coloring and ingredients, including Cooks, Speed Bump, Wired, Vanilla, Chocolate and Pink Sprinkle. These flavors are now available in pints and, starting this summer, will also be offered in cups and bars.

"I'm thrilled to stand behind A La Mode's promise to remove artificial flavors and introduce a new interactive experience for our consumers," said Marc Roth, founder of A La Mode. "Up to this point, we've been able to help people with food allergies, and today, this move takes the company's success, reach and growth to the next level. It's imperative that food brands are taking a step in the right direction to make their products healthier and are utilizing a customer-oriented approach in today's competitive market."

In tandem with A La Mode's all-natural transition, the ice cream brand is adding color-changing spoons to the lid of its ice cream pints — providing consumers with a fun, interactive way to eat their ice cream. Moving forward, the whole cartons will be 100% recyclable in an effort to further A La Mode's mission to be a fully sustainable company. The company said it is committed to implementing environmentally friendly packaging solutions, offering consumers engaging and valuable experiences and providing an overall cleaner and healthier product available for everyone to enjoy.