Diversey, a Fort Mill, S.C.-based hygiene and cleaning company, introduced its cloud-based Hygiene Academy training platform for food and beverage professionals. The platform enables managers to supervise and develop their own tailored training programs to improve the knowledge and skill sets of their manufacturing and processing staff.

“The skills gap is one of the main challenges the global food and beverage industries are facing today,” said Fabrizio Tardioli, global food safety solutions director at Diversey. “The industry also experiences frequent staff turnover, meaning face-to-face training can be expensive and difficult to manage. The Hygiene Academy’s e-learning program can help solve these important problems.”

The Hygiene Academy offers flexible, cost-effective and convenient training in key aspects of hygiene while driving a culture of quality and consistency, said Diversey. Managers can assign their staff to specific courses or course bundles.

According to Diversey, Hygiene Academy removes the need to invest in expensive hardware or software. Managers can ensure accountability by tracking employee participation through the user dashboard. Courses are available in nine languages: English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Greek, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese, which, in addition to increasing Hygiene Academy’s global reach, supports customers employing an international workforce.