Nonprofit regional dairy councils Dairy MAX and Western Dairy Association announced the completion of a merger between the groups.

Grandview, Texas-based Dairy MAX and Thornton, Colo.-headquartered Western Dairy Association noted that they have a long history of affirming the efforts of dairy farmers in their regions and providing information about the nutrition and benefits of dairy. The combined organization, which will be known as Dairy MAX, represents more than 900 dairy farmers and their families in seven states: Colorado, southwest Kansas, Montana, New Mexico, western Oklahoma, Texas and Wyoming.              

Dairy MAX said it is part of a nationwide effort to promote dairy, develop new dairy foods, provide educational information and increase consumption. It does so with a team of experts in dairy farming, education, health and wellness and business, working with organizations such as the National Dairy Council and Milk Processor Education Program.

"It is an exciting day for our regional dairy council and for the dairy farmers we represent," said Mike Konkle, CEO of Dairy MAX. "Dairy MAX highlights the importance of American agriculture and dairy farming, helping to grow impact in our communities year after year. We believe that dairy products are simple solutions to everyday hunger, nutrition and dietary needs — and that's a key message we're committed to sharing as part of the newly shaped Dairy MAX."

To communicate this message, Dairy MAX said its various departments work through five key program areas, including:

  • Teaming up with the NFL, specifically working in Dallas, Denver and Houston. In 2016, Dairy MAX was proudly named the official nutrition partner of the Dallas Cowboys. The group also partners with colleges, high schools and regional businesses.
  • Correcting dairy myths, sharing dairy recipes and highlighting trending topics to reach families through digital media content and social media, as well as scheduling live appearances at family-friendly gatherings like state fairs and stock shows.
  • Communicating science-based research to and with dietitians, physicians, sports nutritionists, lecturers, chefs and bloggers, reaching out at conferences and in the media to share healthy recipes that showcase the power of dairy in delicious culinary applications.
  • Sharing the story of the dairy farmer through videos, fact sheets and farm tours, reaching consumers, industry stakeholders and future advocates.
  • Reaching students, school educators and parents with youth wellness programs. These efforts include education on the important connection between good nutrition, physical activity and academic success, primarily through the execution of Fuel Up to Play 60 programming alongside NFL partners.

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