Turmeric-infused anti-caking agents for shredded cheese

Agropur Ingredients’ Custom Solutions showcased a turmeric-infused Capstone anti-caking agent at this year’s Wisconsin Cheese Industry Conference. This agent is specially formulated for affordability and efficiency, and it increases shelf life in shredded cheese. The turmeric in this blend adds antioxidant qualities while also providing anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Turmeric is heart-healthy and powers the body through inflammation and pain, according to the company. This anti-cake blend was formulated to capitalize on the superfood craze and is fully customizable.

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Culture system for American-style cheeses

DuPont Nutrition & Health’s Choozit Ameri-Flex is for American-style cheese, including cheddar, colby and Jack. Choozit Ameri-Flex is a one-bag direct-to-vat culture system. The convenient single-pouch blend of fast-acidifying mesophilic and thermophilic strains is formulated for reliability, dependability and phage robustness. Two robust formulations in this range calibrate to provide flexibility for producing American cheese types in multiple processing conditions. The system also provides consistent and dependable acidification from vat to vat, day to day, said the company.

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Cultures for mature Swiss cheeses

DSM’s Swiss cheese portfolio Delvo Cheese SW-250 was created to answer consumer demand for ready-to-use Swiss cheese. The culture delivers excellent flavor, consistent quality, more efficient production and reduced ripening time for mature Emmental-type cheeses, said the company. The culture was developed specifically for the manufacture of mature, firm-textured Emmental-type cheeses. It provides consistent end-product quality, sensory profile and signature eye formation, while creating cheese with distinctly Swiss, isovaleric and clean notes.

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Modified potato starch for texturizing processed cheeses

Ingredion Inc. introduced Precisa 604 modified potato starch. The texturizer, first available in the United States, helps manufacturers create affordable processed and imitation cheeses that boast improved shred, melt and stretch in dairy and non-dairy applications. The modified potato starch provides manufacturers with performance and margin improvements in formulations of block, sliced and pizza cheeses, as well as vegan alternatives. The ingredient, an extension of Ingredion’s innovative Precisa series of starches, allows manufacturers to infuse dairy products with functional attributes, while at the same time reducing and controlling fluctuating ingredient costs.

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Starter cultures for cottage cheese, Armenian cheese

The Ingredient House and Soyuzsnab developed a novel range of starter cultures. AiBi Golden Time cultures have a very fast fermentation time, producing the freshest dairy applications with a creamy dairy taste. The cultures can be used in a wide range of fresh dairy applications. When used in cottage cheese, the cultures promote a high yield with a rich, creamy, mild flavor. Another application is Chechil cheese, which is a stringy Armenian cheese that comes in various forms. Traditionally it was braided into a log shape. These cultures guarantee the high flexibility of the cheese mass after the cheddaring. The activity of the starter culture ensures the controllable increase in acidity and allows it to maintain the constant level of moisture with a stable structure, consistency, salt balance and pH.

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Cheese system for processed cheeses

Innophos offers unique solutions in a wide variety of dairy applications where heat and shear are involved, including processed cheese. The Textur-Melt blends provide specific functionalities, including buffering within the desired pH range, emulsification by interacting with proteins, mineral fortification, acidification and sodium reductions. It also provides the stabilization of milk proteins against heat coagulation and age gelation.

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Clean-label solution for processed cheese 

Kerry’s Clean Label Cheese Solution mirrors the melt, taste and appearance of traditional processed cheese, but includes only familiar ingredients: cheddar cheese (pasteurized milk, cheese cultures, salt, enzymes), skim milk, food starch, salt, cultured whey and cultured skim milk. With this solution, processed cheeses no longer need to include the unfamiliar ingredients of sodium phosphates, citrates, sorbic acid, emulsifiers, preservatives and hydrocolloids, said the company.

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