Press release -- Specialty Food Process Technologies announced the addition of a pilot-scale spray dryer to its 5,000-square-foot climate-controlled product development center in Middleton, Wis.  The dryer is fabricated to 3-A sanitary standards, and is capable of either high-pressure or pneumatic atomization with an evaporation capacity of 7 hg/h.

Customers increasingly want specific product guarantees.  Adding powder production to our test center allows them to evaluate our processes and reduce risk during scale up. The dryer joins existing wet and dry batching/blending, filtration, extraction, thermal treatment, concentration and crystallization.  An attached analytical laboratory includes particle size analysis, chromatography, spectroscopy and bacteria testing.

Some of its recent product runs include:

  • Dairy powders
  • Tea and coffee blends
  • Low, medium, and high heat milk powders
  • Flavored waters
  • Fruit juice and pulp blends
  • Powdered energy drink mixes

With its staff of food scientists, chemical engineers and technicians it offers product development, process engineering, and turn key end-to-end process implementation for dairy processors, ingredient manufacturers and beverage producers.

SOURCE: Specialty Food Process Technologies