All Star continues strong growth through membership additions and new purchasing programs.  The company saw solid growth in food and non-food manufacturing sectors.  Great success has been achieved in its sugar, freight, resin and energy programs, giving its members a competitive edge.  This is in addition to its list of over 150 suppliers offering discounts in the major categories of:

  • Packaging (resin, closures, cartons, film and labels)
  • Ingredients (flavorings, juice/tea concentrates, fruit, nuts, dairy commodities and sweeteners)
  • Cleaning and sanitation, water treatment and pest control
  • Coolers, freezers, lab supplies and uniforms
  • Plastic cases and pallets
  • Tires, truck parts, oil and lubes, forklifts and parts

Led by Executive Director Bruce Daily and an experienced staff, All Star has recently had a number of staff changes.  The company recently added Jesse Warren as accounting clerk and Seth Haga as purchasing agent.  Daily was promoted to executive director; Joel Bryant was promoted to vice president of purchasing; Alli Keener was promoted to senior purchasing agent.  Jeff Sterne, the previous executive director, and Doug Eikenbary, vice president sales and member services, both retired.


Valuable services that pay off

Beyond saving money with purchasing programs, All Star offers other services to its members to assist in its members operations, such as:

Purchasing Audits. All Star offers its members comprehensive purchasing audits to identify savings opportunities.

On-Line Quotes.  Obtaining competitive quotes for freight sugar, dairy commodities and energy is easy through the quote tab on All Star’s website.

All Star University. Qualified consultants who  specialize in the following areas of concentration offer members expert advice at discounted rates: Operations and Food Safety; Engineering & Maintenance; Manufacturing Intelligence; Accounting & Software; Distribution; Blow Mold Training; Safety & OSHA Compliance and Human Resource Services.  


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