Allergen-free crunchy flavor inclusions

Inclusion Technologies has two new confectionery-driven flavors of its Bits-O-Flavor Flakes 051 Red peppermint crunch and 2052 chocolate crunch. These allergen-free flavor inclusions deliver all the expected sensory attributes, but are known for the crunchy texture. These premium inclusions can add flavor impact to a wide variety of dairy foods when used both topically and internally. The inclusions are available in both traditional and new clean-labeled (natural colors and flavors) versions.



Ginger arabeschi variegate adds spice, yellow hue

PreGel added ginger arabeschi to its diverse line of variegates, toppings and coatings. Made with pieces of candied ginger, it’s ideal for using in frozen desserts and can be used in beverages, gelato, ice cream, cookies and more. It features a spicy flavor and a bright yellow hue that adds a pleasant visual appeal.



Crunchy praline pistachio inclusions

Parker Products makes praline pistachio inclusions by starting with whole pistachios and pure cane sugar. The praline syrup is simmered before slowly coating each pistachio in praline pans. They are tumbled and toasted one scoop at a time until they are covered in a glass-like praline shell. This shell delivers a crunch and provides a moisture barrier that allows the inclusion to work in many different categories, like ready-to-eat to ice creams. The pistachio has a rich, buttery flavor, which makes it a great choice for an inclusion, said the company.



Low melt point inclusions for ice cream

SensoryEffects specializes in fat-based inclusion technology and highly functional delivery systems. Low melt point inclusions are designed for use in ice creams and as mixes and toppings for frozen desserts. These products have been designed to melt at around 80 F, so they are optimized for superior mouthfeel and flavor release in frozen dessert systems. The company offers custom flavors as well as the basic three chocolate flavor profiles: milk, dark and white. It can also make other custom flavors and has the ability to formulate natural flavors and colors, as well as PHO-free and non-GMO products.



Clean-label single-strength fruit purees

Single-strength fruit purees are processed to retain better color and flavor of the whole fruit. Tree Top’s purées are full of flavor, have a rich look and good texture, and they can sweeten products without using added sugars. Fruit purées add sweetness and nutritional value to products, and according to the FDA, aren’t counted as added sugar. Purées can be labeled “made with real fruit” and are available in a variety of flavors, including apricot, blackberry, plum, raspberry, peach and strawberry.



Blueberries ideal for dairy inclusions

U. S. Highbush Blueberry Council  said blueberries are easy-to-formulate for smoothies, drinkable yogurts and other dairy beverages,  ice cream, yogurt, sorbets and frozen desserts. Blueberries are low in calories and virtually fat-free, and can make interesting flavor combinations with spices, herbs, citrus, salt-flecked and caramelized. Year-round availability and versatile formats provide appealing color, fruit identity, and intriguing effects, like blue swirls and patterns. Blueberries’ mouthfeel enhances product texture and natural sugar levels help sweeten products naturally.