Powder induction, dispersion system delivers improved product quality 

The Admix Fastfeed powder induction and dispersion system is said to deliver improved product quality in half the time and improves operator safety and ergonomics. It inducts, wets and disperses ingredients, while instantly eliminating agglomerates and fisheyes. Ingredients are dispersed at rates up to 450 pounds per minute in a single pass. With only 15 horsepower needed to drive the pump and integrated DynaShear high speed disperser/emulsifier, it consumes up to 70% less energy than conventional tank mixers.

800-466-2369; www.admix.com/dairy


Positive displacement pump reduces curd fine levels

The SRU pump rotors from Alfa Laval are designed with close rotor tolerances and provide smooth, low-shear pumping action to ensure the delicate transfer of curd. Customer test results have proven a 20% reduction in curd fine levels as well as higher flow rates, allowing for the production of more cheese. It’s a hygienic, 3A-compliant pump constructed with 316L wetted components, and is also a CIP-pump, which reduces overall cleaning time. The SRU is also designed with single, single-flushed and double-flushed seal arrangements.

800-558-4060; www.alfalaval.us


Equipment for natural, process cheeses and whey processing

Custom Fabricating & Repair (CFR) supplies turnkey cheese and whey processing facilities on a worldwide basis. Equipment and systems for the production of natural cheeses, the manufacture of process cheese and the further processing of whey and whey components are provided. The company has purchased the intellectual property of the APV CheddarMaster Belt System and will provide the sizing, fabricating, installation, commissioning and servicing of this product line on a worldwide basis.

715-305-5474; www.gotocfr.com


Cooking-stretching machine designed for flexibility

The GEA CombiPlus model cooking-stretching machine is available in production capacities from 2,000 to 13,000 pounds per hour (1 to 6 metric tons per hour). It is designed for flexibility using steam, hot water or a combination of both for heating. Additionally, cheese yield is enhanced by delivering precise moisture control in the product. The unit is well suited to production of mozzarella, provolone, pizza cheese and other firm pasta filata varieties. Its Vulcan nonstick surface treatment will not chip, flake or peel.

844-432-2329; www.gea.com


All-purpose equipment adds value in cheese processing

The multifunctional Process Automats from Karl Schnell handle the most difficult cutting, mixing and emulsification processes for a wide range of cheese products. The modular system with high-performance components guarantees flexibility and product safety. Standard batch sizes from 66 to 3,087 pounds (30 to 1,400 liters) are available. The high degree of automation ensures consistent product quality and allows the quick and appropriate implementation of customer requirements. They feature state-of-the-art calculation methods and a solid construction.

920-982-9974; www.karlschnell.com


Portioning accuracy and waste control for cheese topping lines

The Vemag cheese shredder and depositor from Reiser integrates precise cheese portioning, shredding and depositing into a single process, eliminating the need for a separate shredder, transfers and excess handling. The system easily processes all types of cheese while eliminating the need for starch or cellulose fillers. It greatly reduces cheese waste and virtually eliminates recirculated shreds and the resulting cheese dust. It can also deposit precise and consistent portions onto moving lines easily, and is available in various models and hopper capacities.

781-821-1290; www.reiser.com


Plastic block molds ensure higher food safety

FromaXe block molds from Alpma are made from a plastic that is proven to have a high degree of reliability by conventional X-ray detectors. Extensive tests showed the detectors were triggered even by cubes of plastic with an edge length of only two millimeters, which caused the cheese to be discharged from the production line. The use of the FromaXe inserts has no influence on performance or the service life of the molds, and bottomless (honeycomb) molds and mats for plateaux can also be made from FromaXe.

49 8039-401-303; www.alpma.com


Design analyzes ingredients in real time

ProSpect Analytical Technology’s proprietary sample flow cell design is uniquely suited to analyzing the fat, protein, moisture and total solids in processed cheese in real time. With the additional capability of delivering automated process control, the company’s rugged industrial in-line NIR analyzers help cheesemakers improve their yield by reducing their average standard deviation by an average of 50% or more.

888-980-1216; www.prospectanalytical.com


Stainless steel processing equipment for cheese, whey production

The Tetra Pak Cheeseformer is a highly technically advanced piece of equipment for the production of traditional fresh cheese in a single stand-alone module, without the use of molds. Using fully automated shaping technology, controlled by one operator, it allows for dynamic whey draining, control of cheese forming, and efficient final forming in place, within one machine.

320-485-4401; www.tetrapak.com/us


Flexible packaging machine for  cheese products  

Viking Masek’s vertical form fill seal model MS400 is a versatile flexible packaging machine for packaging cheese products like shred, cubes, curds and more. From simple pillow bags to quad seal bags, it is able to produce every bag style on a VFFS machine, including Doypack bags. The machine packages cheese products at speeds of up to 100 cycles per minute, features a stainless steel construction and sanitary design, and can withstand even the harshest cleaning protocols.

920-564-5051; www.vikingmasek.com


Heavy-duty dicer handles cheese cutting on a large scale

The Affinity dicer from Urschel accepts infeed sizes up to 10 inches in largest single product dimension. It specializes in the cutting of cheese and difficult-to-cut applications such as items with cold temperature or high-fat content properties to deliver dices as small as 1/8-inch. The rotating feed drum and feed roll help maintain consistent, positive feeding into the dicing elements. It is driven by a 25 hp motor with heavy-duty gears and belts.

844-877-2435; www.urschel.com


A more efficient alternative to traditional cutters with a small footprint

Quest Industrial’s compact automated ultrasonic cutter gives companies a more efficient alternative to traditional cutters. The ultrasonic cutting process involves a vibrating knife producing a nearly frictionless surface to which cheese does not stick or deform. With this cutter unit, customers produce more consistent cuts, can change cut shapes and patterns instantly and clean-up is greatly reduced. Customers are also able to cut in a wider temperature range, at various densities, with clean edges and faster cutting speeds.

608-325-5850; www.got-bot.com