DSM Food Specialties will present its range of milk testing solutions for the dairy industry at the 30th edition of SPACE in France, Sept. 13 through 16. Its broad-spectrum test, Delvotest T, helps to identify a variety of antibiotic residues in milk, with a particularly high sensitivity for tetracyclines. The test is adopted by many national labs, including CNIEL and is the standard in many dairies to ensure milk is compliant and safe for consumption.

French farming operations has increased year on year and has now reached around an annual average of more than 250,000 liters of milk. This is due to an increasing number of cows per farm. However, this also implies more treated cows, increasing the risk of residues in milk. Antibiotic residues, if left undetected, can cause numerous allergies to consumers, increase chances of antibiotic resistance and can hamper processing milk into cheese or fermented dairy products. Therefore, it is important to be able to identify any antibiotic residues as early as possible in the production chain, such as the farm level.

By using Delvotest T at either individual cow or tank level, farmers are able to reduce the risk of contamination, prevent unnecessary product losses and provide more milk to dairy processors. By taking the initiative to test the milk they produce, farmers also benefit from a reduced risk of fines imposed by dairies or national authorities, if milk is contaminated.

Visitors to the tradeshow are invited to DSM at booth #B30 to learn more about Delvotest T and DSM portfolio of tests. Visitors will have a chance to win a Delvotest T starter kit for 25 deliveries of either cow, goat or sheep’s milk.

More information about the SPACE tradeshow, visit here.