DSM, The Netherlands, published a recent report indicating how yogurt preferences and eating occasions differ between countries and cultures. The occasions consumers eat yogurt vary per country, from a dessert in France (87%) to a snack on the go in Poland (73%) to a beverage in China (47%).
Drinking yogurt dominates the Chinese yogurt market, as 49% of people mainly prefer it as a drink, whereas just 11% mostly eat spoonable yogurt. The favorite type of yogurt also differs per country: Greek yogurt is increasingly popular in the United States (36%); however the Chinese have been eating more probiotic yogurt over the last three years (54%).

These findings show there are new and interesting opportunities for dairy companies to bring more yogurt varieties to a growing global market.
Based on this survey carried out in in China, the United States, Brazil, Poland, France and Turkey, the results demonstrate different yogurt consumption trends between countries, gender and age groups. Finding ways to leverage these differences and integrate yogurt into consumers’ lives is key to further growing this market, according to DSM.

The report was part of the DSM Global Insight Series and focused on the consumption patterns of yogurt. It also revealed that 53% of the consumers surveyed are eating more yogurt than before. Although this figure is higher in emerging dairy markets like Brazil and China, the absolute amount and frequency of yogurt consumed is lagging behind more mature markets like France and Turkey.

As emerging yogurt markets are embracing dairy desserts in different ways, this may open innovation and consumption opportunities that are not available in mature yogurt markets, according to DSM.

DSM also published a paper last December investigating the reasons behind rising yogurt consumption in China. The report provided new insights into how health-conscious, lactose-intolerant Chinese consumers are embracing this dairy food. Read more about that in: DSM Report: Chinese are eating more yogurt.