Nuts, seeds, grains for yogurt products

Agrana Fruit offers inclusions for spoonable and drinkable yogurts. The company has developed preparations with a variety of inclusions, including nuts, seeds, ancient grains and cereals.  These types of ingredients can elevate a finished product, offering texture and providing a more satiating eating experience, according to the company.



Organic fresh-frozen fruit

Del Carmen Foods Inc. is a full line organic and conventional fruit and vegetable ingredients supplier. The company prepares ripened fruit to manufacturers’ specifications, with customized packaging, shipping, storage and delivery options. Fruits are picked at their optimum ripeness and then frozen.



Nut analog crunches like real nuts

Inclusion Technology’s Nadanut products are nut analog products that can be used in high-moisture applications like ice cream and yogurt. The product is 100% nut-allergen-free, but still delivers the sensory properties (look, taste, texture and crunch) of real nuts. A new coating system on the Nadanut products serves as a moisture barrier. This allows the product to stay fresh and crunchy even in systems that have prolonged exposure to high levels of free moisture.



Blueberry inclusions offer healthy profile

Blueberries are seen as a value-added ingredient linked to heart health, anti-aging, cancer prevention, improved eyesight and better memory, according to the U. S. Highbush Blueberry Council. Blueberry inclusions can be used to add sweetness to smoky, caramelized or spice- and salt-accented dairy product trends and they make exciting flavor combinations with spices, botanicals, floral, citrus and herbaceous.



Cake-flavored inclusions

Parker Products’ new clean-label line of cake-flavored inclusions is produced using a unique hot-panning process. With this new process, products have a shelf life of 12 months. They are also shelf-stable, eliminating the need for costly frozen storage. Flavors include carrot cake, red velvet and German chocolate (in a nut-free version and the traditional version with coconut).



Roasted peanuts, peanut butter inclusions

Ready Roast Nut Co. expanded its product line to include roasted peanuts and peanut butters. The nut butters are a popular and versatile ingredient for dairy food formulations and are suitable for milk, ice cream and yogurt. Manufacturers can choose from almond, cashew, pistachio, peanut and hazelnut butters. Salt, seasonings and flavors can be added during processing. Industrial nut butters are packed in pails or drums.



Formulated fruit solutions

Tree Top Fruit Ingredients provides formulated fruit solutions to the dairy, food and beverage industries. Options include traditional fruits like Concord grape, raspberry, peach, blackberry or strawberry and exotic fruits, including mango, pomegranate or a tropical blend. The company’s formulated fruit preps, like the 4+1 sliced strawberries, offer fresh flavor, excellent piece identity and natural color. The fruit preps can be used in ice cream bases, yogurt and other dairy bases, beverage and sorbet bases, and frozen novelties.