Sutherland Packaging produced a display case that holds a 12-pack of yogurt smoothies from Noga Dairy, Farmingdale, N.Y. The case is ideal for club store displays.
Sutherland uses a precise direct-to-corrugated print technology which removes the need for a lithographic label to be applied over corrugated substrates. In effect, that replaces litho dollars with just a few cents of ink, the company states. The advanced five-color technology also saves on material costs and shipping times.

Direct-to-corrugated print technology handles tight registration

Noga’s display box is a prime example of the technology’s precision. It was produced with particularly tight registration. This is exemplified not only by the bar-code printing but also the small font copy.
An additional challenge with this display was the product weight. Since the display is holding liquid, which is fairly heavy, the display also incorporates a 200B flute for additional strength over traditional chipboard.
Sutherland Packaging, based in Andover, N.J., produces corrugated point-of-purchase (POP) displays and packaging for retail locations and club stores. It recently opened a 19,000-square-foot warehouse in Newton, N.J.