Family of functional products essential to many dairy applications

The Textur-Melt product range from Innophos Inc. includes functional products for process cheese, cheese sauce, spreadable and shredded cheese, yogurt and milk. It is used to stabilize proteins, support emulsification, sequester metal ions, buffer products within the desired pH range, provide fortification, enable sodium reduction and enhance food safety through bacteriostatic effects. Textur-Melt NM69 creates proper texture and melting character. WM86 delivers smooth and creamy texture in sauces and spreads and LM89 in UHT milk stabilizes proteins.



Sustainable advantages of using cheese ripening solution

Pack-Age, a cheese ripening solution from DSM, can be used instead of naturally ripened and coated Gouda and Parmesan. The company said using this solution across the cheese industry would prevent losing approximately 200,000 tons of these cheeses per year. Pack-Age is a moisture-permeable cheese ripening membrane that enables hard to semi-hard cheeses to mature naturally, without the risk of spoilage by mold. It limits drying losses by retaining 30% to 50% more moisture inside the cheese.



Flavor-infused anti-caking agents

Agropur Ingredients has a new twist in its flavor-infused Capstone anti-caking agents. They can be applied topically to a variety of formats like crumbles, snack bites and shredded cheese. The products are ideal for applications such as flatbreads, meal kits, nachos, hot dishes, individual snacks and more without having to reinvent base cheese operations. Capstone products offer excellent adhesion properties and the ability to prevent clumping in shredded cheese.



New generation of cottage cheese cultures

Chr. Hansen released DVS Fresco 1000NG, which offers faster and more consistent set times, increased phage robustness and no floating curd. Compared to the previous version of DVS Fresco 1000, this series has up to 5% faster set times and 50% less variation in set times, further increasing the cottage cheese producer’s production capacity. Each culture has an increased number of strains that are phage unrelated, thereby increasing the robustness of the cultures.



Ripening cultures help add distinctive flavor profiles

Choozit FNR, or Flavor No Rind, is a ripening adjunct culture from DuPont Danisco that cheesemakers can use to give specialty cheese a distinctive flavor profile. Originally developed for use in Maasdam-type cheese packed in foil, it allows foil-wrapped cheeses to achieve a flavor typical of traditional smear ripened cheeses. Other benefits include less moisture loss and reduction of waste for consumers who do not consume the rind.



Sodium-reduction product for cheeses

FlakeSelect potassium chloride/salt (50/50) is a patent-pending technology from Cargill Salt that creates particles containing both sodium chloride and potassium chloride. In cheese applications, this unique ingredient helps ensure a more uniform distribution of each salt throughout the cheese matrix, which may help mitigate off-flavor issues due to uneven potassium chloride distribution.



Anti-caking agent for cheeses, shred blends

HyFlow from Solvaira Specialties is a specialty anti-cake product developed for gusseted bag systems that offers better cheese shred separation and flow. Using specialized processes and starches, it’s formulated to evenly coat cheese shreds for increased line speeds. Benefits include maximizing cheese separation, no observable leakers, elimination of cheese shred clumping, no bridging, less dusting, better cheese shred coating, no impact on browning or melting, reduced funnel jams, increased line speeds, excellent carrier of O2 scavenger and antimitotic systems.