In an effort to declare “independence” from processed cheese, Oregon-based Tillamook Cheese has created a White House petition to remove the American name from the well-known processed cheese.

The new campaign includes a series of print ads, digital banners and broadcast films (featuring iconic American leaders like Abraham Lincoln, Betsy Ross and George Washington) conceived by 72andSunny. In one short film, Abraham Lincoln, atop a grizzly bear, spears the processed cheese product, arguing its unworthiness of being called American and encouraging people to sign the White House petition.

“Un-American Cheese” is an extension of the “Dairy Done Right” campaign, conceived by 72andSunny. The “Dairy Done Right” campaign also includes The Tillamook Co-Op, where members can join Tillamook, online and for free, to have voting rights, access to board meetings, product idea submissions and exclusive foodie events.

Why was the campaign created? The co-op claims that processed American Cheese isn’t cheese at all. It is a processed cheese product comprised of as many as 18 ingredients including sorbic acid and sodium phosphate. According to the FDA, the cheese can’t be sold as real cheese but rather must be called a cheese product.

“Something that’s called American should be real and natural,” said Tillamook Senior Director of Marketing John Russell. “We want to get people to start thinking more about their dairy choices and join Tillamook in the fight for authentic, real food.”

The campaign takes place from June 25 through July 4th. In honor of America’s independence, Tillamook hopes to garner 100,000+ signatures by July 4, 2015.
Interested parties can sign the White House Petition HERE and share @TillamookCheese using #DairyDoneRight.

See more on the campaign here.