Upgraded X-ray platform

Thermo Fisher Scientific has added inspection capabilities and enhanced detection to its NextGuard X-ray platform. Among the upgrades, the system is now designed to also inspect packaged products for flaws such as missing pieces or components using new, easily customizable vision software. The verification software allows customers to use a pull-down menu to quickly select and sequence a range of image processing and analysis algorithms. This enables a wide range of size, shape, angle, count and position-based inspections in minutes.

763-783-2500; www.thermoscientific.com/productinspection

Cube-shaped rigid containers

Berry Plastics’Qubic product line maximizes shelf space and minimizes warehouse and distribution costs, according to the company. The container’s corner spout can also make for cleaner serving and pouring.  Containers are available in 8- 12- 16- 24- and 32-ounce sizes that come in clear, white or colors. In 2015 the company will be offering its new Iconic printing — high-definition decoration techniques printed directly onto the containers.

877-662-3779; www.qubiccontainers.com

Label, print verification for round, un-oriented products

Mettler Toledo’s CI-Vision Mosaic vision inspection system employs multiple cameras to inspect labels on round containers without the need to orient them on the production line. Using advanced inspection technology, the system automatically verifies that the label is complete, correctly applied and matches the product inside the package. The system can adjust to varying product positions and packaging materials, producing fewer false rejects and increased line uptime. Mosaic is ideal for beverages and any other products packaged in round containers.

630-446-7700; www.mt.com/ci-vision

Horizontal form/fill/seal packaging machines

Reiser’s Repak horizontal form/fill/seal packaging machines are constructed of heavy-duty stainless steel and are engineered to meet the highest standards of hygiene. Designed for complete washdown, the machines can be cleaned quickly and safely. All Repak machines are constructed with two 4-point lifting stations, which generate up to five metric tons of closing pressure for reliable sealing and more uniform forming. The rapid air-forming system allows the use of thinner films while maintaining thickness in package corners, resulting in packaging material savings.

781-821-1290; www.reiser.com

Extended-shelf-life juice filler

Fogg Filler’s extended-shelf-life juice filler is model F6.2 FGA-5418, which has 54 filling valves and 18 capping heads. The filler features two-tier machine guarding with a HEPA filtration system, CIP trough, Sanibar and base wash system, Microb-Blaster for sanitizing caps, the newest technology in filling valves, and change part carts to safely organize and store change parts for its five different bottles.

616-786-3644; www.foggfiller.com

New case packer for pouches

Delkor Systems Inc. introduced the MSP-200, an integrated forming/loading/closing line designed for casing of flexible packaging. The automated system relies on robotic positioning and top-load placement of pouches into flange-seal cases, including Delkor’s innovative shelf-ready Cabrio Case, at speeds up to 150 pouches per minute in cases as deep as 12 inches.

651-348-6700; www.delkorsystems.com