Equipment makers have designed pumps, mixers and heat exchangers for high throughput and reduced operating costs. For example, Alfa Laval’s LKH-PF centrifugal pump is designed for nano-, micro- and ultra-filtration applications. The LKH-PF features a heavy-duty design with a 1-inch-thick pump casing and back plate with more bolts to handle the highest filtration pressures and flow rates. It pumps up to 1,200 GPM with inlet pressures up to 600 PSI and boost pressures of 230 PSI.

The higher pressures reduce the number of pumps required and minimize installation costs. Available in 11 sizes, the pump is fully 3-A and EHEDG compliant.

The Ariete NS5355 from GEA Niro Soavi is an ultra-high-capacity and energy-efficient quintuplex reciprocating pump for continuous production. It can process up to 60,000 liters per hour and pressures up to 1,500 bar. The pump is available with different compression heads.

The Monoblock head optimizes homogenization at lower pressures, thus reducing energy usage and environmental impact. The Multiblock VHP (very high pressure) compression head uses a valve designed for very high pressures up to 1,500 bar. The Ariete NS5355 complies with EU safety rules and 3-A standards.

A new high-efficiency, light-duty scraped surface heat exchanger from SPX Corp. is designed to provide efficient heating, cooling, crystallization and pasteurization. The wide range of options for shafts and blades makes the heat exchanger suitable for dairy applications. It can handle fluids of low, medium or high viscosity and that contain large particles of up to 30 mm in diameter. The unit is also available in duplex stainless steel for higher pressure or acidic processes.

The Admix DynaShear inline high-speed disperser is said to deliver “silky smooth” product to HTST, UHT, ESL and HPP pasteurizing equipment every time. Moving product through a DynaShear before it enters the balance tank is said to insure complete ingredient functionality, maximized pasteurized run times, and minimized CIP frequency.

Litre Service Inc. (not pictured) reconditions, re-chromes, repairs and rebuilds equipment, including homogenizer heads, blocks, plungers, sleeves, seats and valves. It can recondition many of the components that are used in conjunction with scraped surface heat exchangers including dashers, mutators, beaters, fruit feeders, pin mixers, drive shafts and pumps.  The company plates worn surfaces and/or provides replacement parts required for normal maintenance upkeep. For more information, telephone 248-377-3551 or go online,

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