ddw color technologyDevelopers of confectionery products have gained more naturally derived coloring options for fat-based systems. DDW’s newest proprietary technology has broadened the natural range of oil dispersible brown, blue, green, purple and pink hues that originate from water soluble coloring. Applications include compound coatings for confectionery, inclusions and ice cream novelties, as well as fat-based fillings.  

“Based on customer feedback from our initial launch in 2012, we re-designed our technology to accommodate additional requests for simple label coloring in compound coatings,” said Jody Renner-Nantz, Senior Application Scientist. “Customers in several countries have formulated the innovative DDW colorings without emulsifiers.”

DDW’s innovation has expanded the scope of coloring derived from natural sources that can now be added to lipid systems and replace blends of synthetic (FD&C) red, yellow and blue lakes. For samples and technical support, please contact a DDW representative or e-mail:  info@ddwcolor.com

 DDW’s mission is to enhance the visual appeal of food and beverages. The Color House is a place where creativity blends with advanced technical capability to bring colour ideas to life for customers. DDW’s wide array of natural coloring, along with its sought after caramel color and burnt sugar, helps sell 2 billion servings every day.  A trusted and recognized provider of color solutions for the food and beverage industry, the company operates 9 manufacturing sites on 5 continents for customers in 100 countries. Visit http://www.ddwcolor.com and follow us on Twitter @ddwcolor.