What differentiates Boynton Beach, Fla.-based The Ice Cream Club from other wholesalers? The taste and creamy texture of the dairy processor’s premium ice cream is one reason, but it’s the old-fashioned production methods (hand ladling fudge sauces and inclusions) that really make them stand out.

When co-founder Tom Jackson said they “do things a little differently than most,” he’s not just tooting their horn, so to speak. The premium ice cream maker literally hand ladles each of its fudge sauces and other inclusions into its ice cream.

Using these old-fashioned production techniques may not save the company time and money, but it produces what the company feels is a higher-quality product. In addition, Jackson explained that they add nuts by hand rather than using a fruit feeder so they don’t have to shut down the line and clean every time a recipe calls for an allergen (like nuts).

This by-hand method certainly gives the ice cream a personal touch you don’t hear about every day. The company can also tout its wide variety of original flavors not found in grocery stores. The Ice Cream Club makes 176 flavors of ice cream and 70 soft-serve yogurt flavors.