Darista DipsYogurt stars in one of the new international flavor-inspired dips created by chef and Darista Café owner Dara Schwartz. Darista Dips are made from scratch with local ingredients, several of which are organic. The dips also have no additives or preservatives.

The three dip flavors are:

  • All Hail the Kale — Garlicky Kale Yogurt Dip: Made with yogurt, kale and carrots.
  • Hip-Hoppin’ Morockin’ Carrot — Moroccan Carrot Dip: Made with roasted carrots, hot harissa and raw Honeyrun Farm honey.
  • Step It Up a Beet — Roasted Beet Hummus: Made with chickpeas and roasted beets with lemon flavors.

The packaging for the dips shows "world inspired, local fare," which is the essence behind the Columbus, Ohio-based café and bakery. The focus is on locally sourced food. The company partnered with several Ohio farms to create the dip line, including Honeyrun Farm, Rainfresh Harvest, Snowville Creamery, Somerset Herbs and Wayward Seed Farm.

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