evergreen eq-70Evergreen Packaging Equipment offers the EQ-70 gable top packaging machine, a global ESL machine for refrigerated dairy, juice and other liquid food markets. 

Industry-leading ESL components include a self-contained CIP/SIP system, HEPA filtration, auto-sanitization, carton decontamination and a hermetic filling system to maintain product quality.

With fill volumes of 6 to 32 oz. (180 ml to 1 liter), the EQ-70 fills liters up to 7,000 cartons per hour (cph) and fractionals up to 9,000 cph.  A three-stage top down fill system consists of a double diaphragm metering bowl which enables accurate, consistent fill volumes and maintains a high hygienic state in the fill system.  Servo driven technology provides repeatable package performance and automatically controls fill volumes and profiles based on product and carton size.

The infeed’s ergonomic design provides operator comfort and ease of loading.  An optional SPOUT-PAK® System is available to enhance consumer convenience and preserve product freshness. 


 Evergreen Packaging Equipment is a business of Evergreen Packaging Inc., a global leader in beverage packaging systems, serving the juice, dairy and other liquid food markets.