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Frutarom Health announced a strategic move into the functional foods market on a global scale, furthering the strong positioning of its functional ingredients in the nutraceuticals market.

Frutarom functional ingredients - milk drink“Frutarom is one of the leading providers of specialty fine ingredients, flavors and savory solutions,” notes Holger Riemensperger, general manager of Frutarom Health. “Through our flavors and food systems business, and our technological expertise, we have excellent access and great customer relations in the food and beverage industries. This unique combination of our taste solutions and scientifically proven health ingredients of the Business Unit-Health ensure that food and beverage manufacturers get a true partner with innovative capabilities for their functional product success in terms of taste and health.”

Frutarom Health meets and exceeds expectations of future food industry requirements, specifically: clinically proven science; efficacy and safety studies; production under strict quality standards; sustainable ingredients with traceability back to the source (via selected contract cultivation). “All these parameters increase cost saving in the long term, while ensuring consumers’ satisfaction, as well as creating competitive advantages in the market place,” adds Valerie Barrois, segment manager Functional Food of Frutarom Health.

“We develop strong concepts to address specific health conditions via food and beverage applications, based on our know-how and advanced formulation expertise, allowing us to overcome any taste and food processing challenges while the end products can meet consumers’ demands,” continues Barrois.” In the future, choosing the right ingredients supplier will require the combination of clinically proven ingredients and the supplier ability to solve off-taste challenges, while addressing processing hurdles such as heat stability and long shelf-life. Frutarom Health provides innovative and market-oriented products, including concepts geared for growing markets like cardiovascular health, weight management, cognitive health and well-being such as:

  • Finomate (Mate Tea Extract) in slimming drinks
  • Neuravena (Green Oat Extract) to maintain cognitive performance in cereal bars
  • UniK2 (Natural Vitamin K2), in dairy for supporting bone health
  • Portusana (Purslane extract) for blood glucose control in beverages, chocolate, etc.

About Frutarom
Frutarom is one of the leading flavor and fine ingredients house ranked among the ten leading companies in the global market. Fulfilling its commitment to become the preferred partner for tasty and healthy success, Frutarom provides advanced solutions for the food & beverage, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

SOURCE: Frutarom