Milkroute-Toned-milk-slide-show.jpgBANGALORE, India, January 31, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --Moksha Yug Access (MYA) announced today the launch of its dairy brand, MILK ROUTE. The brand's ideals stand for Consumer Wellness through milk based nutrient intake and Rural Transformation by improving the rural economy through responsible sourcing of milk from dairy farmers. The MILK ROUTE brand will have a liquid milk product range that will include Pasteurized Toned Milk, UHT Toned Milk and UHT Low Fat Milk in various packing options and will be available initially in Bangalore city.

For MYA, which has investors such as Unitus Equity Fund, Khosla Impact and Unitus Impact, the launch of the milk brand is an important step in its five year planned journey which had a fundamentally different approach to that of traditional dairy firms in India. Unlike the competition, MYA started its journey to transform the rural supply chain by focusing first on the dairy farmer (first-mile), and working towards transforming productivity levels of small & marginal farmers. This journey has enabled us to build a pipeline of nutrition rich liquid milk products to India consumers.

MILK ROUTE brand is committed to developing rural economies. It focuses on providing consumers with the freshest and healthiest milk by ensuring that it is procured and secured within the 'Golden Hour'- the critical first hour of the milk's origination from the cow's udder, through hygienic collection and storage practices ensuring a fresh, wholesome and nutritious taste to the milk.

MYA adopts methodologies of the highest standards in procuring milk because it works on the principle that the nutritional content in the milk is secured by maintaining hygienic procurement standards at the 'First-Mile' (farmer and village level).

Moksha Yug Access (MYA) launches its dairy brand, MILK ROUTE

Over the next three years MYA aims to spread its network in Southern and Western India and generate revenues of more than Rs. 500 crores. MYA has also set clear objectives in improving agri-farm productivity in the next three years. It aims to reach out to 100,000 dairy farmers while transforming their average milk yield per cattle from the current 4 litres per day to 15 litres per day in three years. Additionally, MYA through its R&D and technology initiatives is working towards ensuring that the quality of milk supplied by its framers is on par with the best dairy markets in the world in terms of nutritional content and heath safety standards.

Speaking during the launch Harsha Moily - Founder and CEO, MYA said, "The fundamental reason for MYA's existence is to create wealth for the rural farmer. The launch of MILK ROUTE goes a long way towards achieving that objective. MILK ROUTE will not only focus on providing the most nutritious milk to the consumer, but will also help in ensuring that the dairy farmer gets a higher share of the end consumer price, as we reach out to urban consumers through our sales & distribution network."

"MILK ROUTE is a brand that is committed to providing the goodness of milk to both the consumer and the producer of milk. Through investments in best dairy farming practices, agri R&D and technology focus, we enable farmers to produce yield of a higher quality that can result in a higher value realization to the dairy farmer. Meanwhile, through an improved procurement process, we maintain higher nutrient levels and offer our customers fresh and healthy milk. In a nation like India which faces crucial health challenges due to deficient intake of nutrients like vitamins and calcium, I believe MILK ROUTE has an important role to play in driving food security and economic opportunity in rural & urban India."

MYA has over the last 36 months, through the milk procurement base, established a rural supply chain platform in 23 rural clusters that has an estimated agri output value of more than Rs. 1,000 crores per annum. All of this from a network consisting of 15,100 farmers owning 18,200 cattle and 187 acres of irrigated land in 1,014 villages, across a transport network of 4,200 kms. It is now positioning itself to harvest the value created through its rural supply chain platform to retail its milk, fruits & vegetables in Urban India.

About MYA
MYA is a rural supply chain solutions company, which is in the business of ensuring income-certainty for rural producers of India by improving their productivity and providing them with market access. The company is currently operating in the Food Supply Chain focusing on helping farmers grow nutritious milk, fruits and vegetables and establishing a nutrition-focused consumer brand.

Through its 'Farmer-First' policy, MYA ensures that the dairy farmer practices good cattle breeding, cattle feeding, cattle housing and clean milk production standards, which maintains the nutrient levels in the milk, thereby getting the customer to relish all the goodness milk has to offer. It also ensures a higher value realization and income-certainty for farmers by procuring directly from them and taking out the intermediaries.

MYA has outsourced the processing and the packaging of the milk to world-class dairy processors, who confirm to the highest food safety standards.

Founded in 2006, MYA's vision is to create robust rural economies, thereby enabling every rural citizen to access everything indispensable for human progress. MYA today employs 197 people and has built a rural procurement network that services more than 15,000 farmers across 1,110 villages in the state of Karnataka, India. The investors in MYA include Unitus Equity Fund, Khosla Impact Fund and Unitus Impact.

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