Far-reaching influence

By popularizing Greek yogurt in the United States, Chobani has re-invigorated the dairy aisle. Other national brands are developing or expanding their SKU counts of Greek yogurt and store brands are rolling out products under their own names. Consumers’ acceptance  of the product has led other dairy processors to create frozen Greek yogurt novelties and package it in pints. Greek yogurt is added to butter, salad dressing and dips.

Chobani’s success also has brought renewed attention to the inherent nutrition in milk, especially protein and calcium. Greek yogurt answers the call from consumers looking for protein substitutes or bone-building foods.

The history of Chobani, though brief, has been inspiring. The years ahead could prove to be equally as riveting. There is a new plant coming online and new products for 2013. The company wants to change how people think about yogurt and when and where they eat it. O’Brien said Chobani is just getting started in the United States and that “global expansion is going to be big for us.” At the helm is Hamdi Ulukaya, shepherding the company’s growth and development.