Blueberry-Lemon-Charlotte-BC-17.jpg “Coolish” Drinkable Ice Cream, found at virtually all Japanese convenience stores: described as easily consumed by twisting off the cap and squeezing the ice cream through the nozzle into your mouth. One website with photo:

A unique Italian take on the drinkable concept, an aerated, pourable ice cream, is a low fat mix also used as garnish for fruits and baked goods and for blending in cocktails. One source: CremiXimo from Pasticceria Quadrifoglio.

The trend for Americana in ice cream flavors and concepts has brought a rebirth of interest in Millionaire Pie, a froth of whipping cream or whipped topping plus sweetened condensed milk and fruits from canned pineapples or jarred maraschino cherries to plump, juicy blueberries in just about any form.

A terrapin-style comeback is the Turtle, a nostalgia-laden dessert that is now taking the form of confections like the white blueberry cashew of Gloucester, Mass’s Turtle Alley to frozen turtles and turtle sundaes.

Also finding a place in the current Bluetopia are Frozen Cake Pops, Frozen cream cakes, Blueberry Ice Cream Cake. And the classic Elena’s Blueberry Pie with rich vanilla ice cream laced with luscious blueberries and tasty bits of flaky pie crust, is a long-time irresistible favorite. More at:

Blueberries play a starring role in the Virtuous Dessert department such as Double Rainbow's Blueberry Soy Cream and Turtle Mountain's Purely Decadent blueberry cheesecake flavor both of which boast a reasonably healthy profile vis a vis fat and calories

The “hottest” trend in blueberries is frozen! Steady and stable supplies of frozen blueberries assure availability and exceptional value.

With big, blue frozen blueberries in desserts, the fruit shows. Fruit identity is attractive to health- conscious consumers for whom the presence of blueberries adds tremendous appeal. The tell-tale blue of lush, plump blueberries is a sign that products contain, real true-blue blueberries. Record numbers of blueberry products have entered the market and continue to be developed and introduced worldwide. According to USHBC research, consumers want blueberries in every bite.

Food product designers are taking advantage of year-round supplies of formula-ready frozen blueberries. Frozen blueberries are storable and offer year-round availability. Graded for size, appearance and fruit identity, frozen blueberries retain their texture, shape and color and are easy and convenient to use. Savvy food processors can stock up while supplies are high, ensuring a ready supply for product development and manufacturing.