ANSR Pathogen detection system

Neogen Corporation has launched the ANSR isothermal pathogen detection system along with its first assay for Salmonella at the FMI / AMI  / United Fresh conference in Dallas.  The ANSR system (Amplified Nucleic Single Temperature Reaction) is very easy to use, accurate and dependable.  With a 10 minute assay and an inexpensive small-format reader, ANSR is creating a paradigm shift in the way people look at rapid pathogen detection.  ANSR incorporates advances in DNA detection technology which enabled the creation of a system that is much easier to use and provides much faster results than PCR-based platforms.

The new system comes complete with a reader / incubator, laptop with software, lysis system and pipettes.  The ANSR technique can be summed up in three simple steps; Lyse, Incubate, and Read.  “Food Safety is a global concern, so we created the ANSR system to be easy to deploy and integrate into a workflow – it can address the requirements for in-plant testing irrespective of your location” stated Lon Bohannon, President of Neogen.  “With increasing regulations, there is a dramatic need in the market for a pathogen detection system which is fast, economical and user friendly.” 

ANSR has been tested on a variety of matrices including environmental surfaces and meat, poultry, and pet food matrices.  AOAC – RI approval is pending and plans are to follow the salmonella assay with listeria, listeria monocytogenes, and STEC virulence factors.  “ANSR is a scalable platform which will grow to address the requirements of global markets and international regulation,” said Ed Bradley, VP of Food Safety for Neogen.  “The bottom line is that we are dedicated to providing innovative products like ANSR for food safety, brand protection and protecting public health.”

ANSR uses isothermal amplification to create a level of molecular target material which can be detected using fluorescence.  The system has exhibited low matrix effects with high sensitivity and provides both positive and negative results in 10 minutes, post enrichment.  The system is designed for simplicity to address in-plant testing needs, and offers the freedom to economically process small batches of samples.  ANSR fills a market need between our Reveal lateral flow pathogen detection products and our NeoSEEK genomic profiling / serotyping service.  Customers can use all three products in a complimentary fashion:  Fast detection using ANSR and Reveal, and confirmation with NeoSEEK.        

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