Mouvex at Anuga Foodtec 2012 Cologne GermanyExhibitor: Mouvex

Product: Eccentric disc pumps

Ideal for fluid-handling applications within the food processing industry, Mouvex SLC-Series Eccentric Disc pumps are designed to deliver superior volumetric efficiencies. With higher volumetric efficiency, SLC-Series pumps are capable of handling thin, abrasive, aggressive and higher viscosity fluids while increasing productivity gains and energy savings. Other design benefits of the SLC-Series include seal-less construction; low shear and agitation of the pumped product; the capability of handling solids and abrasives; self-priming; line stripping; and the ability to run dry. SLC-Series pumps also feature CIP cleaning, SIP sterilization, and include versions with both 3A and EHEDG certifications.

In addition to its SLC-Series, Mouvex C-Series and Micro C-Series Eccentric Disc pump lines to provide a wide array of unique pumping technologies for food processing applications. Eccentric Disc pump technology is quickly becoming well known in food applications as the “problem solver” by delivering the performance of traditional positive displacement pumps, while creating a constant flow that is independent of both pressure and viscosity. Constructed with a seal-less design, these pumps offer the food industry the most reliable prevention against leaks and product loss.