By Evergreen Packaging

Evergreen fresh lookEvergreen Packaging announces the introduction of an innovative new paperboard carton with a window for beverages that allows brands to enhance their packaging design and make a stronger appeal at the grocery store shelves.

The new Fresh-Look™ cartonsdirectly address key consumer desires to see packaging contents and to know when they’re running low, while maintaining all the branding, freshness and environmental benefits that processors expect from Evergreen’s paperboard cartons.

“At Evergreen, we’re developing innovative packaging solutions to meet market needs and appeal to consumer preferences,” said Erin Reynolds, senior marketing manager of dairy packaging at Evergreen Packaging. “We saw an opportunity to enhance paperboard packaging while addressing what consumers want in packaging.” 

In market testing, consumers gave paper cartons with windows an overall “outstanding” rating. Consumers believed the Fresh-Look carton to be superior to current packaging options as it provides key benefits such as making the product inside more appealing and allowing them to easily see how much product is left inside.

“Processors are looking for consumer-preferred packaging, and the new Fresh-Look cartons deliver on that expectation,” Reynolds said. 

The Fresh-Look cartons continue Evergreen’s tradition of offering customizable packaging that successfully showcases key brand elements. The Fresh-Look carton window can be seamlessly integrated into a brand’s existing graphic features, allowing processors to keep their product in the distinctive carton package that loyal customers look for.

The side panels on the Fresh-Look cartons are an excellent platform to reach consumers through environmental messaging, nutritional labeling and brand messaging. Evergreen Packaging can provide full-color lithographic printing on milk cartons, including the Fresh-Look carton, which can produce photographic-quality imagery, impeccable detail and accurate color reproduction.

As with all Evergreen Packaging cartons, Fresh-Look cartons are made of more than 70 percent paper derived from a renewable resource—trees, all sourced from responsibly managed forests. And more than half the energy used to make the paper in Evergreen Packaging cartons comes from biomass—a renewable energy source.